The Fiery Beach


By the time I got to the beach the fire had all ready been started. Our spot on the beach was full of familiar faces as old classmates and neighbors came in through the small path to our spot with coolers. 

"Yo, Alex!" I turned around and nodded at Hugh Lakes who was sitting on a patch of wild grass with his girlfriend, Kristy Glee. 

I walked towards Sean, who was kicking around a soccer ball with Scott, and I grabbed a can of beer on the way. The night was warm, but cool enough for a fire and I occasionally had to stop and let bikini clad girls run by. I called Sean and he looked over at me smiling.

"How's it going?" I asked before stealing the ball from his feet and running off with it, my beer still in my hand.

"Hey!" Sean yelled after me and I heard him and Scott race to catch up. This had been our hobby since we were seven when we had met and I was always the one who kept the ball the longest. I swung around and faced my friends, the ball under my right foot, and took a swig from my can. I then stuck my tongue out at them since they hadn't caught up yet and continued running around.

Maybe if I hadn't been so preoccupied with keeping the ball controlled or if there hadn't been so many people at the bonfire I would have seen her and us bumping into each other wouldn't have happened. I heard the ball softly bounce away from me as I fell on top of her. My can lay, now empty of beer and full of sand, a foot away from us. She didn't move and simply stared at me, confusion on her face. Her black hair was splayed out all around her, intoxicating the sand around us and her breathe came out quickly. Her gray eyes squinted and I wondered what was wrong with her, before I realized that she was trying to push me off.

"Oh," I managed to say before lifting myself off of her. "Sorry about that." I threw my hand out to help her up, but she stubbornly ignored it as she got herself up onto her feet.

"Maybe if you were watching where you were going--"

"Wait, I know you!" I suddenly realized.

"--then you wouldn't have had to apologize!" She finished and I pointed a finger at her. 

"You should have watched where you were going, I was running with a ball how could you not see that?" I accused and Amanda stepped in front of her.

"Come on Alex, you know it was your fault." She said indifferently.

"Whatever," I muttered and walked away from the two girls. "Hey Sean, that wasn't fair--" I turned back quickly at the astonished girl, whose lips, I didn't want to admit, looked bright and attracting in the light of the fire behind her, "--that was a foul."

I jogged to the guys and I shot a look back and saw that she no longer was looking over at me, of course. So the princess had found some friends, huh? 

The End

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