Averagely ExtrordinaryMature

A king, known as Average Joe, has a daughter that is anything but.

Our kingdom has long since been the biggest believer in individuality. Every person, whether they be slave or royal, has something unique to offer the world. That is what we thought before King Joe came to power.

Each prince must plan his own coronation, to show that he can handle such a task. Joe's party was the plainest thing anyone had ever seen. The plates were brown wood, the tables covered in white clothes. The songs were preformed by a four part band of performers, and they only played the normal, boring songs. Nothing had any life in it.

He started no wars, made no enemies. He wed a respectful wife, had healthy children. Everything that Joe did was neither awe- inspiring or mob sparking. There were no plagues, no mass murders.

He thus became known as Joe Average.

I call him Boring Joe.

He, is my father.

The End

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