Gorango! (part 1)

Loki,Likae,Kyuu and Mokia were walking when they found some weapons. Kyuu wondered" why are there weapons here"? Mokia Likae and Loki grabbed the weapons but Kyuu was worried if they were someone elses. Loki whined" come on Kyuu, it's ok what person would leave weapons in the middle of nowhere"? "good point". Kyuu agreed.

The weapons were a handgun, a sword and shield, a bow and arrow and a magic staff. Loki got the magic staff, Kyuu got the bow and arrow, Likae got the handgun and Mokia got the sword and shield.

They kept on walking until Loki figured out what was going on.  Loki started a conversation with Likae. "Hey, Likae, umm...remember right before all this happened when we were walking home, we were talking about monsters and other worlds and ect." "Ya i remember that, we also talked about this boss person called Gorango too". "Well, i got this idea about this world and monsters. umm....I think we are in the world that we were talking about"! "Really, because i was about to suggest the idea too". "No you weren't so stop lying".

They ended the conversation soon after that and figured out that Loki was right, they were in the world that Loki and Likae were talking about. They even made a few people that would join them but we will have to see if that is true.

They saw this weird bird and it started attacking them. "Kyuu, Mokia, do you know what this is"? Loki wondered. Kyuu replied with"Ya i think we are in a battle."

They battle the Bird thing and it only took a couple magic spells and some arrows till they killed it.

Likae gasped"What was that thing"? "It was a Komane. They aren't the ones we shoul be worrying about." Mokia explained. The group soon found themselves at some ruins. Kyuu and Mokia explained to them that this was the sacred ruins for the god Gorango! "Gorango, you say"? "Likae, come here". LIkae walked over to Loki and Loki wispered in his ear. "Likae, did they just say Gorango"? "I believe so".

The End

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