A boy is sent to a world very far from his world and he has to try and get back. He meets many people on his journey and we have to wait and see if he gets back or not!!!

do what ever you want from there

    One day a boy named Loki was walking to his house. He saw is friend Likae. So Loki walked to Likae and Talked for a little bit. They started a conversation on worlds and monsters and ect. Soon Loki saw his house and went home. He was very tired after that and went to take a nap so he went to his room and went to sleep.                  


    He woke up about an hour later and looked around his bedroom. He looked at a poster on the wall and said "Since when was this here.....oh well." Loki went downstairs and looked around. He then noticed that he wasn't in his house. Outside there was something different and Loki went to check. The ground was purple and there were huge rocks. Loki walked around a bit and noticed that he was not in his hometown......or even his own world! He went back inside and checked if anything was still where it was but everything he own had dissapeared.

    Someone had knocked on the door! Loki went and opened the door and it was his friend Likae! Likae Noticed that everything was different and he walked around and noticed that Loki's house was there and ran all the way to his house. Likae and Loki went to search around and found 2 other people name Kyuu and Mokia.

"heyz is this your hometown" Loki questioned. Kyuu and Mokia replied with a "yes" and Likae asked "would you mind if you and your...." "oh were twins im Kyuu and this is my sister Mokia" "oh, really thats very cool. Anyways i was wondering if you could walk us around because we are um......new in town and we umm.......need help" "Sure we are much more the happy to guide you guys around" "thank you very much" The conversation ended and Loki whispered to Likae "nice, that was smart"

The End

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