Resurfacing Past (2.2)

Adolas looked up sharply. “You really mean it?” he asked earnestly. Kazeus nodded.

“It wouldn’t do if you got jumped again. All of my work would go to waste.” The boy grinned widely.

“Thanks a lot, Mister Stroame, sir!”

“Just call me Kazeus, please.” Kazeus said. “I couldn’t stand it if you called me that all the time. The boy nodded vigorously. “So how far is it to your house anyway?”

“I’m not sure about the distance, but it’ll take a few hours of traveling,” Adolas replied.

“Then we’d better get moving. Let me grab my stuff first and then we can leave.” Kazeus went over to where he had dropped off his sack before the fight. He wasn’t ignoring his mission, he told himself as he picked it up and slung it over his back. He could easily drop off Adolas and get back to Grasina before nightfall. He returned to Adolas. “Now let’s get going.” Kazeus started walking quickly down the road, with Adolas following close behind.

 “I saw a couple of Ventrous fighters duke it out in Grasina, but they were nothing compared to you!”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, those guys kept trying to wear the enemy down with weak attacks, just like those thugs thought you’d do. But the power you had completely blew theirs away!" Adolas continued to expound on how incredible Kazeus had been. Kazeus had to smile at the boy's antics'. He reminded him more and more of the owner of those eyes. "So how did you get so strong Mister Kazeus?" Kazeus winced at bit.

"I told you, drop the mister. I'm not that old, Adolas.”

"Ok um, Kazeus," Adolas replied slowly. Kazeus nodded.

"As for why I'm so strong, I spent years putting myself through training to learn to fight and gain experience. I was all by myself though, so I never met another Force user until I left to travel a few months ago. I’m glad to hear that all of the preparation I did might have paid off after.”

“Preparing for what?” Adolas asked. Kazeus stopped abruptly and whipped around. He gave Adolas an icy glare with his grey eyes.

“That is my business, and my business alone, got that?”

The End

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