Chapter 2: Resurfacing Past (2.1)

Kazeus surveyed the two unconscious thugs, satisfied with his work. He felt awake and ready for action. “Awesome! I’ve never seen anything like that before!” a voice said. Kazeus nearly jumped. He’d completely forgotten about the boy.  He turned towards him and studied him more carefully. He actually looked a lot younger than Kazeus had thought. He was pretty tall for his age, only a couple inches shorter than him. He had a ruddy tan and looked like he was well versed in field work, considering the calluses on his palms and the lean muscles. He wore a simple shirt and trousers, patched in various places, and a small sack hung on his back. In his hands he held a small pouch. The boy walked up to Kazeus. “Thank you so much for rescuing me!” he said excitedly. “You were amazing!” The boy’s eyes were shining with amazement and adoration. Kazeus shifted uncomfortably. This was a new experience for him.

“It was nothing, kid,” he said quickly. He turned to leave, but felt a tug on his cloak.

“Wait!” the boy said hurriedly.

“What is it?” Kazeus asked. He wanted to get going again; conversations were never his strong point. The boy looked down at the ground.

“Um, can you please come to my house?”

“What for?”

“I really want to show you my thanks for helping me out. I’m sure my folks will want to do the same.” Kazeus shook his head

“Sorry, but I’m headed for Grasina, which is the opposite direction.” He started to turn to leave again, but the boy went around and stopped him.

“Please mister?” he asked beseechingly. Kazeus hesitated. He didn’t want to turn the boy down, but his mission came first. He'd vowed that he wouldn't let anything get in the way of its completion.

"I just don’t have time to waste here,” he thought. Before Kazeus could open his mouth to decline, he made the fatal mistake of looking into the boy’s eyes one more time. The hopeful innocent gleam in his gaze awakened old memories within Kazeus, of another boy who always used that look on Kazeus to make him give in to his demands. And it’d worked pretty much every time. Kazeus sighed. “I never was able to resist that look,” he thought to himself. “And it doesn’t seem like I can now.”

“What did you say?” the boy asked.

“Nothing,” Kazeus said quickly. He hadn’t realized he’d said the last thought out loud. He sighed again. “What's your name, kid?" he asked. The boy straightened up.

"It's Adolas. Adolas Fielderman. And you mister?”

“My name is Kazeus Stroame. I don’t think I’ll stop at your house; I really am pretty busy.” The boy looked down, crestfallen.  Kazeus smiled. “But I will at least make sure you get there.”

The End

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