Underdog's Upset (1.5)

 With his next leap Kazeus put himself into Squalo’s range. He could feel the blood rushing through his veins as he prepared to go on the offensive. The bandit sneered. “Now you’re mine!”  He viciously jabbed at Kazeus with his knife. This time Kazeus saw it coming and sidestepped the thrust easily.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” he said cheekily. “Come on, I’m only a lowly Ventrous Force wimp.”

“Why you!” Squalo started swinging his cleaving knife wildly, trying to slice up Kazeus, who ducked and weaved gracefully throughout the assault, causing Squalo to only get angrier. The wind started to churn around Kazeus’s hands as he gathered it to him for his attack, cloaking them in a glove of air.  Squalo, blinded by rage, paid no attention to it, only focusing on connecting with his swipes.

“Hey Squalo,” Puran called out. “That guy’s probably up to something.”

“Like what?” Squalo asked. “He’s got no weapon no power at all. All he can do is dance around and run away!” He brought his knife down on Kazeus’s head. Kazeus sighed.

“Alright; that’s enough.” Kazeus raised his hand and caught Squalo’s wrist in an iron grip before he could finish his swing.  “I’ve got power,” he said firmly as Squalo tried to break loose. “Much more than you do. And I’ve got a weapon too.” He threw Squalo’s hands to the side, leaving his chest wide open. Kazeus followed up with a series of punches, infused with the force of the swirling air cloaking his fists, and pummeled Squalo’s chest. He finished the combo by releasing the wind surrounding his fist on his final punch. Squalo was lifted off his feet and sent flying several yards back. He slammed into the ground and skidded to a halt. Kazeus smiled at the slack-jawed Puran.

“My fists are my weapon,” he explained. Puran lost his nerve and turned to flee, but Kazeus wasn’t about to let him get away that easily. Using the wind surrounding his other fist he launched a blast of air that crossed the distance between them quickly. It slammed into Puran’s back and sent him sprawling. Kazeus dashed to where the unfortunate thug lied.

“You two's biggest mistake was underestimating my power,” he told him. “You can’t escape the wind.”

The End

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