Underdog's Upset (1.4)

Puran shrugged. “Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you. Guess you’ll have to learn the hard way.” He looked at his partner. “Squalo, are you ready to teach him a lesson?” Squalo grinned nastily.

“Let’s put this trash in his place!” Kazeus felt the earth beneath his feet rumble. Immediately, he gathered a light gust of wind and leapt back a few paces using it to propel him. A second later the ground where he had stood exploded in a burst of dirt and rocks. He landed near a large puddle. The puddle bubbled, and suddenly spat bursts of water. Kazeus had to use the gust again to dodge to the side and evade it. As he landed he heard the swish of metal cutting air on his right. He turned just in time to see Squalo’s knife about to pierce his side. He didn’t have any time to gather the wind. Kazeus managed to pivot to the right in a half circle, narrowly evading the charge.

Squalo turned around. “You’re not that bad, Ventrous wimp,” he said grinning viciously. “But you still can’t win.” Kazeus felt a tremor and evaded another upheaval of earth.

“And why’s that?” he asked as he landed.

 “We’ve got home court,” Squalo replied.

“Home court?"

“It’s simple really,” Puran explained. With the puddles around here and the soft earth, we can use our powers to a much greater extent, and with our constant stream of attacks, You won’t have enough time to gather your wind to dash around. Sooner or later you’ll make a mistake.”

“And then you’ll be all ours,” Squalo finished. “There’s nothing you can do.” Kazeus kept dodging their attacks.

“I have to admit," he thought to himself. "These guys do have a neat little set-up.” Against a normal Ventrous user, this strategy would quickly lock their movements down, and all but shut down their offense. Even for him, it was becoming more difficult to gather enough wind each time to dodge their attacks. He had wanted to play around a little longer, and let them think he was just another Ventrous user. But it looked like it was time for him to play his hand. Kazeus couldn’t suppress a small grin. “I’ll stop playing around and show them what I can really do.”

The End

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