Underdog's Upset (1.2)

The bandits were almost on the boy, no doubt preparing to beat him senseless. The boy struggled wildly but couldn’t free himself from the water chains. Before the bandits could reach him, Kazeus made his move, and used the wind around his feet to rush through the air and rapidly cross the distance between the hill and the three. He stopped right between the bandits and the boy, preventing them from going any further. He smiled at the stunned thugs.

 “What the hell?” One of the bandits exclaimed. “Who are you?” Kazeus ignored him and glanced behind his shoulder at the boy.

“You okay, kid?” he asked. The boy nodded silently. “Good; just hang tight for a while.” He looked back at the bandits, who had gotten over their shock and now looked furious.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” bellowed the bandit who had spoken before, a big burly fellow with an unkempt raggedy beard and a wild mop of hair. His clothes were grimy, and it looked like he hadn’t had a bath in ages. He was holding a long carving knife like a dagger. The second of the bandits, in comparison, was seemed almost excessively neat, with a spotless tunic and a fine trimmed mustache. He had a sturdy quarterstaff in his hands. The contrast between the pair would’ve made them look almost comical, if it wasn’t for the weapons that said they meant business. The second bandit stepped up and gave Kazeus a cordial smile.

“What my partner is trying to say is that we have business with the boy, and it doesn’t concern you. Now will you please move along?”

 “I didn’t come here just to leave.” Kazeus replied. His voice was even, but his intentions were clear. “Now, what are you two going to do about it?”

The End

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