Chapter 1: Underdog Upset (1.1)

The next morning the clear azure skies showed no trace that there had ever been a storm. The only evidence was the blanket of dampness that covered everything. Kazeus yawned. He'd spent the night by a soft grassy hill a couple hundred yards away from the main road. He was a few miles away from Belldin, the city he was traveling to. He got up and started putting away his sleeping roll and thinking about breakfast.

As he was rummaging through his sack looking for some morsel in his bag, his keen ears picked up snatches of voices coming on the breeze, from the direction of the main road. Curious, Kazeus scrambled up to the top of the hill.

A young boy, probably a teenager, was running wildly down the dirt path away from the city. The boy seemed to be carrying a parcel of some sort. He was being followed by two men, both of them armed. Kazeus could hear their laughter on the wind. Suddenly an upheaval of dirt erupted in front of the boy, seemingly without cause. The boy skidded to a stop and started to change direction. Before he could change directions and start running again, the puddles left behind by the storm around him suddenly bubbled. The water shot up and wrapped around the boy's ankles in a stream, binding him. The thugs approached the helpless teenager.

"So, one of the thugs has the Aquior Force, and the other uses the Geojia Force," Kazeus thought to himself. He grabbed his cloak and sack and put them on. His mouth curled in a small smile, wind already gathering around his feet. "I think I'll go and meet them,” he said to himself. “Should be good as a warm-up."

The End

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