Arrival of the Storm (0.2)

Kazeus kept going down the path that led out of the valley. The storm was rapidly nearing his breaking point. The breeze which had been lazily drifting through the valley during the day had picked up energy and was now whistling vibrantly. Kazeus pulled his grey cloak closer to him and pressed on. It wasn't long before he felt the raindrops that signaled the opening of the heavenly floodgates.

After a few minutes, he reached the end of the valley. Two cliffs stood on either side of the exit. Between them lay a massive and messy mother load of debris left by the landslide. Kazeus stood in front of the blockade and looked up. The rubble stood at least six times his height and extended to each side of the cliff. It was understandable why the trader wouldn't have believed he could get past it, Kazeus thought. Even he wouldn’t try climbing over it. Not with the quickly growing drizzle making all possible footholds wet and therefore dangerous. However, the daunting height didn’t really matter to Kazeus. “It’s not like I even planned to try getting over it,” he thought. No, he was going to take a more direct approach. There was only one option available for getting past the roadblock: to unblock the road and go straight through it.  A flash of thunder illuminated the small smile that had appeared on his face as Kazeus prepared to overcome the barrier.

Kazeus crouched down and curled his right hand into a tight fist. He closed his eyes and released his power. A wild wind different from the gale now blowing through the valley whipped up around him. The fierce stream of air started to swirl around him, creating a sphere around him. The air sphere quickly increased in density as Kazeus built up the wind, even drawing upon the natural gust already blowing. Soon he was enclosed in a tight ball of gale force winds. Kazeus started to build up the wind around his feet and his fist. He waited as the pressure built up and then when it seemed like it wouldn't be contained he released the torrent. In a flash Kazeus was speeding towards the mass of debris at sonic speed, propelled by the wind he had built up around his feet. He raised his fist. A second later he collided with the barrier. In that instant he threw his punch and released the air around it, causing the smaller pieces of rubble to fly. The roadblock rumbled as the foundation became unstable.

Crash! Suddenly everything around Kazeus was blown away in a mighty explosion of gale force winds as he finally unleashed the whirling air surrounding him.  The violent tempest sent boulders flying as he continued his rush. Kazeus didn't stop until he was well beyond the landslide. He stood up and turned around, surveying the remains of the landslide. "Now people will be able to get through," Kazeus thought as he moved on. But he hadn't done it for the people. His only goal was to keep going forward, getting stronger, until the day came when he could finally carry out his mission.

His mission of vengeance.

The End

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