Prologue: Arrival of the Storm (0.1)

Boom! The rolling thunder resonated throughout the Etan Valley. The full moon was completely blotted out by the dark clouds above. Kazeus walked briskly down the path leading out of the valley. He knew that those black thunderheads were going to burst at any moment, and he did not want to be stuck in the Valley when the downpour caused it to flood. He hugged his grey cloak to him as the breeze that had been blowing started to pick up. All he carried with him was a knapsack with basic traveling supplies and a little food. That and his mission, which Kazeus always kept close to his heart, and at the forefront of his mind. Suddenly he saw a light ahead of him, illuminating the stark darkness. As it neared him Kazeus could see it was another traveler, heading back down into the valley. He was a big man, huge and burly. From the large sacks he carried, Kazeus assumed he was a trader of sorts. The man held his lantern up as Kazeus approached.

"Didn't expect to see anyone else out," he said. The trader looked at the man before him, a little on the short side, but with long legs and arms. Long black hair fell past his shoulders, tied in a simple pony tail. He had a pretty face, but he looked a little pale. It was his eyes that stood out above all though, a piercing gray. The trader shook himself. "I suppose you're trying to get out of this valley before this storm breaks?"

"I am," Kazeus replied flatly.

"Don't bother; there's a landslide up ahead completely blocking the path. I just came from it. I'm heading down to try and find a safe place to weather this storm. You should turn around now and do the same. You can come with me if you want." Kazeus shook his head.

"Thanks for the offer. I appreciate it. But I'm going to move forward. I just can't afford to wait around. I can get through something like that." The trader looked at him in disbelief.

"You? There's no way you can climb over it, it's too much for someone like you!" Kazeus shrugged. He was used to being underestimated because of his looks.

"I'm much more capable than I look. Don't worry; I know what I'm getting into. Thanks for the warning. I hope you safely find a place to hide out." With that Kazeus continued down the path. The trader watched him go in bewilderment. The man quickly resumed his journey down into the valley, shaking his head. No ordinary person could hope to get over it, especially with the storm soon to burst.

"That guy is crazy. There's no way that he can get past the landslide," he said to himself. "It's just common sense."  The strange light that had shown in those piercing gray eyes when they'd parted though, made him wonder if common sense applied to that man.

The End

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