Chapter 3: The Knowledge of an AvatarMature

Awoken by a painful banging, Enlil rubbed his eyes and looked towards the door which was being violently jerked, it continued for a few seconds until a voice called out to him.

“HEY! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!” The roar spooked Enlil, he wasn’t bold enough to approach the door, so he responded in the only way he could have!

“W-Who is it?” Enlil squeaked out, although the volume of his voice was not heard as the sound of the door being kicked inwards muffled it entirely. A boy had strolled in, his hands were buried deep within his pockets and an exasperated look covered his face. His hair was bleached white and his skin had followed along with the style, it was incredibly pale. The lower half of his body was covered up in a pair of grey trousers while from the waist up he wore a blue shirt which had the text ‘Iced’ imprinted onto it.

“You’re the lazy shit-head?” Enlil was reared up to complain about his door, but let it go when the boy’s lazy eyes met him. “Come on, get the hell up, the teacher keeps yellin’ about how he wants all the students there and you’re the only asshole whose not there.”

“Sure…” Enlil trembled as he had stood up, the boy led the way out of his room, whilst they walked down the hallways, Enlil figured that then was the best time to strike up conversation. “So, what’s your name?”

“What’s it to you?” The boy harshly responded, Enlil decided to resort to more distasteful tactics.

“Oh, you know: meet strangers, make friends, know the asshole who kicked down my entire door.” Enlil jokingly spoke, however he wasn’t exactly fond of his own words even if they were in satire.

“Do you expect me to compensate you? Not going to happen.” The boy whistled away, they had made their way outside of the dormitory, the academy’s exterior was entirely empty! Enlil was not accustomed to schools in any way but knew that there would at least be some delinquents.

“Yes and I’m giving you a bargain here. Tell me your name before I complain to some old person who has spent too much time dealing with crap like this.” Enlil declared, at this point he wasn’t even trying to make friends with this boy, he was just too much of an dick to like. At least with his name he would be able to know where he would be and avoid him.

“Call me Arch, everyone does. Now, smartass, what’s your issue with punctuality?” Enlil most certainly wished to punch him in reality, but alas the guy would most likely kill him.

“Maybe you’re just too much of a dumbass to understand.” Insults were their only method of communication at this point and Enlil didn’t want to admit to being asleep on the first day.

“Looks like someone’s foot is way too high in their ass.” They both had entered the main building, it was decorated with polished wooden walls and strong lights hanging overhead. The wooden floor was present in both dormitories, that Enlil could be certain of. They weren’t decorated in any way, there were empty notice-boards present and empty shelves every now and then. The duo walked to the right where Arch still led.

“At least it doesn’t cause destructive vandalism.” Enlil grinned, he had developed some form of enjoyment out of insulting the boy.

“I’m pretty sure the door is the least of your concerns, pompous shit-head. If vandalism upsets you, being an avatar is going to be the devil.” Arch chuckled, Enlil was quite confounded by his words and could only sigh in response.

Both of them had arrived at a mahogany door where Arch pushed open the door without the use of his feet, Enlil had entered to see the alignment of 16 seats, all had wooden desks which were firmly rooted into the ground. The seats appeared quite comfortable, they had a foam stuffing with a spongy layer coating them. Arch had already went towards his in the back of the classroom, Enlil was about to move as well but was unfortunately interrupted.

“Mr.Drake.” Enlil was caught off-guard by the stoic voice. He turned to face a tall man who was stood at six-feet tall. His torso had a white shirt over it, there was nothing eye-catching about it and in turn his trousers were blandly grey, it made him appear as a business man. “Why were you late?”

“I fell asleep.” Enlil directly admitted, he had a slight fear that if he had tried to lie it would have backfired on him heavily. It was a teacher who was clearly more knowledgeable than him. The man showed a soft sigh and pointed towards at the second seat on the second row. He didn’t have a need to lecture Enlil.

Maybe deep down he had known that Enlil wouldn’t make the same mistake, or he had lost hope that Enlil would ever become an Avatar. Either way, it spared Enlil.

As he had walked towards his seat, he caught a glimpse of a familiar face; Kiera. She was only one seat diagonal from him from his right. She even gave him a small wave when their eyes had met, although it was most likely a wave in pity. When he had sat down, the teacher had begun, stepping back and allowing Enlil to see a green chalk-board which was behind him. Although, it was most likely his ignorance which caused him to ignore it.

“Now that everyone is present, there is something essential that must be taken care of first.” The teacher pointed at each student by moving his finger from each column. “Pick a team of four. However, pick carefully since you won’t be able to change and will be your team for the rest of the school year. And if you graduate as a team, which you’ll most likely do so, maybe even life.”

Enlil was shocked, he had never heard of such things. Picking a team of four? For what? Graduating with them? Why would that be the case? What happened to the stories of Avatars being lone-wolves and becoming strong on their own? Is it even possible for someone to graduate solo in the academy?

People were already moving and making teams in the class, even ones who were sat down were confronted by some people.

Enlil knew nothing of what was going on, he never heard of the system to begin with. However, if he had to, he wasn’t going to wuss away from it. So, he had to pick his team-mates from what he could deduce! If he could deduce anything at all.

“Okay, seems like we’re done here.” Enlil’s ears perked up when he heard the teacher’s voice, he looked around and saw three groups of four and three others sitting in their seats.

One was Kiera, Enlil was surprised that she was left out if anyone considered her calm nature, she seemed like an efficient team-mate and maybe even the best there was in the classroom.

The second was a girl who was one diagonal from the left of Enlil, she was looking downwards into a book and appeared to be inattentive to her surroundings. Her hair was iridescent and was styled in a french braid and reached down to the center of her back. She was one of the students who had dressed formally for their first school day, she wore a pale-white dress which reached down to her knees.

The last one, which was all the way in the corner of the classroom was none other than Arch, Enlil had an understanding of why people wouldn’t choose him but that same understanding also made him realise why he himself wasn’t chosen.

“There’s always one every year.” The teacher folded his arms, his eyes glared at each of the four. “You four will be a team, since there is no other option left. There will be no discussion.”

Enlil wanted to argue, but the teacher’s presence grew quite threatening, he didn’t even look up and just nodded in agreement, whatever caused such fear to be instilled into him was something he didn’t want to trifle with. When he looked at the others, he saw they were also distressed from the situation and none of them were daring to argue.

What was the teacher’s trick for such obedience?

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Author’s notes are quite weird, don’t even know why I do them. Ah, well. Anyways, here’s all the main characters! So far… :3)

The End

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