Chapter 2: The Avatar AcademyMature

What stood, isolated, on an island was an institution, a place for those who sought a future of adventure and exploration. A building which represented a church was placed directly in the south, a giant clock tower was staring down at the ground. There were many rooms from the perspective of the port, all were prim and proper with dust being a rare sight. The walls themselves used steel supports for the outline and bricks stacked upon one another, the paint was a pale red which had faded from the passing of time. There were mountains which appeared to have been climbed by many former-inhabitants and a forest with luscious leaves and a width which covered up a majority of the island. Near by the main building were dormitories, two for both genders. They were identical in appearance, both were painted white and were four stories tall, a pristine stone path led one from the port to either of the three buildings, only an idiot would mix them up.

And an idiot did.

“That guy must really like sailing, we arrived here in only a few hours!” Enlil concluded, he stood at the port where it was too early for any ships to come by, only his and a few others had arrived. He stepped out onto the stone path, where bushes and flowers were kept in prime condition and tended to daily from their appearance. Enlil looked around at the buildings, people had only just begun waking up. “Let’s see… from the letter the old man gave me, I’m in room 274.”

Enlil was keen on getting to his room, he had been carrying his suitcase for the past few hours and needed to get settled in! Upon meeting a thoroughfare, he made his way to the right, a few students began staring at him, as a result Enlil began thinking that there was something odd about himself.

Inside of the building, the hallways were decorated with furry walls which were white and floors were hardwood pine, there were doors which were decorated with stickers, felt and other handicraft materials. Enlil didn’t struggle to make his way around the hallways, it wasn’t long before he was standing in front of the pale white door which spoke ‘274’. He grasped for the handle, pushing the door forward in hopes of discovering a room fit for a king!

He wasn’t wrong, the only issue was that it was made for a queen.

Enlil’s eyes met a girl who was sitting peacefully on a bed, within her hands was a book, the title wasn’t clear to Enlil due to the angle she was holding it at. Her ginger hair had some length in it, reaching down to her scapulas. Her torso was hidden behind a crimson tank-top, while her legs were clothed in a pale black pair of jeans.

“Who are you?” The girl questioned, there was no impulsiveness in her voice, not much people would be this calm if someone just barged into their room.

“Enlil.” Enlil only replied with his name, although he wanted to speak his mind couldn’t form any words to use. The girl squinted her azure eyes at him, after a few seconds had gone by she had relaxed entirely.

“Kiera.” She retorted, closing her book and raising her left index finger towards Enlil. “This isn’t the boy’s dormitory.”

Kiera’s face grew a smirk, she understood the situation at an abnormal rate and reacted maturely. If she was one of the best students there were then Enlil wouldn’t be surprised!

“Thanks…” Enlil didn’t show any embarrassment, although if he had any was questionable. “Nice meeting you!”

Enlil dashed through the building, he had understood that he had just walked into the girl’s dormitory and charged into one of their rooms. If it wasn’t a rumour already, then it was bound to be one eventually! He had already gotten glares from deciding to enter it!

The journey towards the male dormitory didn’t take too long, the interior design was no different either and the males didn’t vandalise it In any way. On the arrival at his actual room, Enlil took the time to take in his surroundings, the bed was quite bland it was simple duvets and pillows which were white; staining them would be an issue. His walls were a similar pale red to the academy walls, it appeared that no one really decorated the rooms particularly. A desk was present as well, three drawers on the right and four on the left, an odd design choice. There wasn’t much else in the room; a wardrobe to store clothing and a few drawers to put anything else in.

“Looks cosy.” Enlil lifted his hands from his suitcase, placing it aside his bed and sitting down on top of his bed. He stretched his arms, resting his head down on the pillow. After a few minutes had gone by, Enlil’s eyes began closing and shutting off any light. It was then, he had accidentally fell asleep.

(Author Notes:

Ah, sorry, this chapter isn’t very good! My mind is kind of muddled at the moment and I can’t seem to get my thoughts straight. This is the best I could produce, so I apologise!

From here on out, I shall try my best to improve my chapters!

It sucks that I messed up when doing one of the main characters...)

The End

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