Chapter 1: The Departure of an AvatarMature

Dawn had begun, although only a glimpse of it was visible to the eye. A child was walking down a cobbled path, his shoes rubbed against the stone and pushed him forward while he looked ahead at the rising sun. His figure was immature, his hands were not too big and were grasping onto a handle, while his legs were forcefully being picked up again and again. There was a glint of excitement in his hazel eyes and a wide grin on his face, he finally came to a halt when he reached the pier which was quite large for its length, and released the grasp he hand on the handle. A suitcase fell to the ground and the boy lifted his arms up into the sky, brushing them against his messy hazel hair, a yawn escaped from his mouth.

“It’s really troublesome to wake up this early to leave.” The boy spoke, he put his left hand over his eyebrows and squinted to see if there was anything within the distance. “I think I see it!”

He picked up his suitcase, gripping it tightly and rushing forward to the end of pier, he waved his right hand repetitively in hopes that the small boat within the distance would notice him. Even if it did, it was heading for the pier he was stood at nevertheless,

A few minutes did pass, but the excitement of the situation made it fly for the child who waited for the ship to dock itself at the pier. At that point, a man within his thirties was stood there, his skin was tanned and his facial hair had outgrown his actual hair. He wore a cap, which hid his eyes from the view of the boy and wore a worn out overcoat. He gestured at the boy to make his way with his right hand, of which the boy followed immediately.

There was not much of a wait before they departed again.

“Young’uns seem to have gotten more materialistic, all the flashiness in your dress and the attitudes.” The old man took the initiative to start a conversation with the boy, who looked down at his clothes which he found to be quite casual. It was a hoodie, one with short-sleeves as well which were orange and the rest of the hoodie was entirely white, meanwhile he wore orange cargo shorts which were just to have some pockets. “What’s yer name?”

“I never thought of myself as materialistic, but I suppose you’re right, mister.” The boy nervously chuckled, he still held his grasp on his suitcase and looked towards the ocean, seeing that the sun had risen more than before. “I’m Enlil. What about you, mister? What is your name?”

“Pahahaha! Interesting, someone who isn’t so prideful for once.” The old man had dodged the question, focusing on controlling the ship. “So, what brings ya’ to such a place?”

“Well, it’s been a dream of mine since I was a child to be an Avatar. So, I thought that there was no better place to go than the Avatar Academy!” Enlil’s words were filled with passion, even the old man had frozen for a second from such enthusiasm. “I want to help everyone I meet!”

The old man grumbled at his words, whether it was his childish thoughts that annoyed him or the enthusiasm was just too common for him, either way he was displeased by it.

“Let go of the stories, kid. This isn’t the Avatar Academy, it’s the Militant Academy.” The old man began to lecture him, Enlil turned his gaze towards him to listen. “If you want to be an Avatar, you have to push down all those in your way, there is no other way to make it to the top.”

“I don’t want to make it to the top.” Enlil scoffed, the old man was shocked by his announcement and even turned around to see his expression of hilarity. “I want to be an avatar so that I can help the entire world. If I have to push down people for that, then I’ll do it, although I’m not a fan of it.”

The old man laughed greater than he had before, turning back to face the direction in which they were heading. Enlil jumped in reaction from the sudden sound he made.

“Ah, you are a funny kid. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a thing before.” The old man managed to calm down, sighing before he spoke again. “Seriously, you need to grow up, otherwise being an avatar is just stupid for you.”

Enlil only lightly chuckled, glaring at the old man who looked behind again to inform Enlil of the time it would take for them to reach the academy that Enlil dreamed about for so long.

“We’re about a day away, so-” upon noticing Enlil’s eyes, the old man broke out into a cold sweat, he stuttered on his words. His eyes were lifelessly staring at him, it was like he was marked for death. “Get comfy…”

There was an empty silence, where Enlil proceeded into the cabin of the ship, leaving only the old man out on the deck. Such loneliness was comforting to a man who had spent a majority of his life at sea. He had met many people, experienced many things, yet despite such experience the eyes of a child struck fear into him.

He was planning on going slow, to get some rest and continue the next day and arrive as good as gold, but his fear had gotten the better of him. Even if Enlil was powerless, he looked as if he was going to kill him that instant and the old man only wanted to get as far away from the child as possible.

“He’ll make a good avatar.” He finally spoke, he was then stood in silence where dawn had finally passed.

(Author Notes:

Well, I’d really appreciate it if there would be some criticism, because I still think it sucks…

Anyways, I suppose what I am worrying about in this entire story is the action scenes. I am very confident that I suck at them absolutely, so that will be fun. I’ll try practicing them before I post them.

Also, if you're not reading this on my website, I always update that first since the lag is essentially zero there, so if that's of any interest to you...


The End

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