Prologue: What can be an avatarMature

A race, no a revolution, they are. Monsters which can change the course of the world; to bring either order or chaos. Mercenaries, freelancers are just polite identities for them, who bite at each other to reach the top. Can you rely on them? Only when they covet a reward. Can you trust them and befriend them? Only if you seek death. Can you be them? Only if you wish to leave your humanity in the dirt. For to be one, you must abandon responsibility, remorse, righteousness. That is what it means to be an avatar

The dismal clouds hung overhead, concocting a spell of misery upon the floors below and to smite those who were to rebel against them. It was a show of pride when they conducted the waves, each droplet was just a pawn in their plan to wreak havoc upon the world. Despite the threatening appearance that was before many eyes, still one miniscule boat was arrogantly sailing away as if it was nothing, although the actual picture was something much different.

“Damn it! At this rate I won’t even make it to the western continent unharmed. Not to mention…” an effeminate voice broke out, the rumbling of distant thunder was still not enough to silence her. All that was clear from a distance was a cloaked figure, no lock of hair or even a glint in her eyes. She glared back at the cabin of the boat, somehow she was able to keep herself upright without any slips, the wood itself was even struggling to withstand the force of the ocean. “No! I’ve got to focus, I just need to find some place safe.”

It was a stroke of luck, in the distance was a mid-sized island and a small town inhabiting it as well. With such a chance, she would be able to wait out the storm and eventually make her way to the so-called western continent. Although the waves proved some trouble, she overcame them and managed to reach the port of the island.

Upon reaching it, her first action was to retrieve whatever she had cooped up inside the cabin, her steps were filled with urgency. After a few minutes had passed, she re-emerged, holding not any treasure or object but a small infant. The cries of the infant were loud enough to attract the attention of masses but were still not enough to overtake the crashing thunder.

“Enlil, it’s alright now. We’re safe.” The woman still hadn’t removed her cloak, the child still recognised her however, due to her voice. Their crying softened, eventually halting when the woman caressed their cheek with her right ring finger. “Such an obedient child, I’m going to miss you.”

It was a miraculous scene, despite the heavy thunder and the miserable clouds, the child still smiled at her. She lifted up her head, shielding the child from the sky and taking a rushed gait. The streets were void of life, it proved useful for the woman who was bordering on running, she did eventually stop, only to eye a building which lights were acting as the sun. She did not hesitate to confront the door to the building, upon reaching it she knocked thrice. A girl, who had clearly just entered her teens stood there, her figure was under-developed and her face somewhat childish. Her hair was cut short, a fawn-brown colour, and her clothing was nothing more than a commoner’s white dress. She eyed the cloaked woman, it was unclear if she was staring into her blue eyes or just facing her.

“This is a religious manor, is it not?” The cloak woman inquired, the girl only nodded, upon receiving an answer the hooded woman had went onto her knees. “I beseech you, please, take in this child and make sure that he is safe. I cannot do anything, it is too dangerous for him; the sea, the skies and the land. So, I beg of you.”

“I’m not sure…” the girl certainly was full of doubts, a suspicious cloaked woman had just came up to her and asked her to keep a child safe. “I would ask the father first, he returns tomorrow. You can stay the night if you wish.”

“I cannot do such a thing, I must leave urgently.” The woman had a sudden tremble in her voice, extending her arms, waiting for her child to be taken. “Please, can you protect Enlil for me?”

The girl, even with her doubts, took the child, cradling and nodding at the cloaked woman. She stood there in silence, observing as she ran off into the face of the storm.

Perhaps they would meet again?

Was her thoughts. When her figure was no longer visible, the girl turned around and slammed the door shut, smiling as she held the child.

“Enlil, huh? It’s a unique name, haven’t heard it before.” The girl mumbled towards him, “I’ll be your sister from now on. How does that sound?”

The child immediately cried out! The girl felt quite insulted by the response given, but still attempted to gently calm him down. She tried many tactics: singing, rocking and even feeding him.

“Oh, how about a story?” The girl excitedly spoke, returning to the door where they had met. “It’s about the great ‘Avatars’.”

The End

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