My Heart Died Today

           When I opened them I saw Tim Sheppard lying on the floor. A puddle of blood dripping out from his side. He was gasping for a breath and I wanted to help him so bad. Before I knew it I was by his side.

 “What are you doing Avi? You know the rules, no helping other gangs,” Danny Screamed

“Shut up!” I cried.

 Tim was still gasping. His gang members were staring at him. I knew it was too late. Too late to save him.  I just sat there stroking his hair. Telling him he was going to be alright. Then his eyes slowly closed and he died. I’ve never seen someone die before but now that I have it was pretty sad. A tear dripped down my eye. Jimmy, Ronny, Keith and Martin got up and headed for Danny’s car, leaving the other gang and the dead Tim Sheppard alone. Jimmy grabbed my arm and dragged me away from Tim’s lifeless body.  

                It was silent the whole ride home.  Ronny sat in back with me while he rubbed his black eye.  When I got out of the car I went back to my house. I didn’t want to see Jimmy or his gang ever again. The front door wasn’t opened. I figured my mom and dad were taking Julie out to dinner. It was getting late so I just sat on the steps waiting. I didn’t know where Martin went but I didn't want to see him. He probably didn’t want to see me either.  I saw Ronny come limping up my driveway. I didn’t really want to talk but he came to sit next to me on the steps anyway. The sun was going down behind the mountain. I liked watching the sunset but not today. All I was thinking about was Tim Sheppard who was now dead. Ronny folded his hands and slouched over.

 “What the heck were you all doing?” I asked him, trying not to yell. 

He remained silent for a while, his eyes focused on the concrete stone beneath his feet.

“He didn’t want to look at me,” I thought to myself.

 Ronny gave a big sigh.

“You probably wouldn’t understand what the gang’s goin’ through,” he said still looking at the ground.

“What the hell wouldn’t I understand? He’s my brother for crying’ out loud!” Now I was yelling.  I was about to lose it. Why wouldn’t Ronny look at me?

 “The gang has been fighting for a while, not with just Tim Sheppard’s gang,” he was still staring at the ground, I wanted to grab his face and make him look at me but I would never do that.

He unfolded his hands. Now he was looking up at my face.

“There are other people Avi, other people not from around here,” he whispered in to my ear.

  I heard someone call Ronny’s name. I couldn't see who it was but I noticed Ronny's shoulders tense.

"It's my mom," he sighed.

He slowly began to get up but I grabbed the back of his shirt. We froze like that for a moment as the night wind chilled our bones.

"Don't leave," I whispered.

His soulless, dark eyes glanced back at me and my jaw tightened.

"I need to know more," I begged. "Who are you talking about? Where's my brother?"

The angered voice called again, this time even louder, "Ronny, get your A** in this house right now or you'll have a cigarette lighter burnt into your skin by tomorrow morning!"

Ronny yanked his shirt out of my grasp. He whirled around and our gazes met in the silence of the midnight air. It was then that I realized how helpless he was, how scared and alone.

"Martin is at Jimmy's house," he said at a quickened pace.

I breathed a sigh a relief, but one question still remained--

"What other people?" I asked in a stern tone.

Ronny cautiously brought a cold hand up to my face and slid it down towards my cheek. I lunged backwards but his other hand wrapped around my waist.

"Please," he whispered.

I stared into his tired eyes and he stared back into mine. In the far distance I could see the door open to Jimmy's house.

"Okay, by Jim, see ya tomorrow!" Martin called as he trotted down the steps.

I turned back to Ronny and he pulled me closer. His warm breath on the side of my face.

"There called the Blades," he chocked.

I heart Martin's footsteps crunching up the dried grass, his face looked confused.

"What the hell are you doing Ronny?" He bellowed, breaking into a sprint.

I could see his enraged face now. His body movements were sharp like a cheetah trying to kill it's prey.

"It's Martin," I squeaked.

Ronny loosened his hold on my waste and removed his hand from my cheek. He stepped back and our eyes met for just a moment but that was all he needed--

"Don't tell him," he mouthed.




The End

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