The Shooting

         My head got a little dizzy. It was spinning with all sorts of thoughts. Where was he going? Was it even a gun? What will happen to him? I sat down on the stairs. I put my hands on my head. Thinking of what I should do. I couldn’t tell mom and dad. They would kill him. No definitely not Julie she would tell mom and dad! After a few minutes I heard a knock on my door. I got up from my daze and opened it. There was Danny. His jean jacket on. He was carrying a switch blade in his right hand and a cigarette in the other.  I wanted to roll my eyes but I thought better with Danny. I looked at his face closer. He was more serious than usual.

“What do you want?” I asked in a paranoid voice. 

His hand that was holding the cigarette was shaking.

“Do you want to come in?” I asked, not sure if it was the best idea.

 Without any answer he stepped in to the house.  I thought that was very rude but didn’t say anything. “Avi did your brother just leave the house?” He asked in a shaky voice.

“Yeah,” I said a little worried.

Danny never looked worried like this before. 

“Oh no,” He mumbled and turned around on his heel.

He was about to head out the door when I stopped him.

 “Wait, where are you going?” I asked.

 “No questions, if you want to come you can,” he said trying to rush out the door.  Well I was still in my pajamas but my hair and teeth were brushed so I decide to go. Danny broke in to a run. I could barely keep up with him since he was a fast runner. He went in to his house and hopped in to his car. I did the same. Except I didn’t feel very safe with Danny driving. He always drove like a drunk. He slammed on the brake and drove down his driveway. I clung on to the seat for dear life. His face had so much worry on it that I can’t even explain how it looked. I kept silent for most of the ride. Mainly because I was fear stricken.

                He slammed down on the breaks as hard as he could. I myself was still clutching on to the headrest.

 “Ok you can get out of the car now,” said Danny rolling his eyes at me.

To tell you the truth I didn’t really want to unhinge myself from the seat. I was too scared to get out of the car. I was closing my eyes at this point. I was like a cat that didn’t want to go in to the bath tub full of water and was hanging on to the curtain.  But then this weird thing happened. I felt Danny grab my hand. It felt reassuring to me that someone was there. I opened one eye and looked at him. He was trying to give me a smile.

“It’s ok nothin’s gonna’ hurt you while I’m around.”

That day was the day I came to trust Danny Winston, the usually drunk gangster (or hoodlum) who never took orders from anyone.

 “Fine I’ll get out,” I said, stepping out the car door.

We were at the Joe’s Burgers Palace. It was a really popular hang out place. People always came here to socialize. Danny was coking his head around looking for Martin and the gang but no one was to be seen. The I heard a loud bang from around the corner. It was almost like a gunshot but quieter.

 “Over here” I called.

 Danny stopped looking behind the trash bin and followed me to the back of the restaurant.

                I rounded the corner. Of course, there was Martin, Ronny, Keith and Jimmy. Martin had a black eye, Keith had blood dripping from the side of his mouth and Ronny was sitting lying on the ground looking like his face had been slapped to many times. I wanted to yell at them but I decided to help the before I screamed my head off.  Jimmy was rubbing the side of his shoulder which had a huge gash. Another gang, the bloods were standing guarding them. One of their gang members looked up. I’ve seen them around school. His name was Timmy. Timmy Sheppard to be exact. He had blonde curly hair. He was tall and muscular. I think even Danny was scared of him because now his whole body was shaking.

“Oh look, it’s Danny and his little side kicks sir. Blondie,” He laughed, motioning his gang to laugh with him.

 I looked down at Ronny. His face was pink from someone slapping him. He was closing one eye that was bruised really badly. One of Tim’s gang members was guarding him with a switch blade.

“Go home,” Danny whispered to me.

I guess the person who was guarding Ronny heard him because he put the switch blade closer to his neck and a trickle of blood dripped down on to his shirt. Then I remembered the gun in Martin’s pocket. I knew he would use it if he had to. I stared up at Danny. He was cussing at Tim Sheppard. I didn’t hear what they were saying because I was thinking about how to get out of this mess. I focused my glance over at Martin. Then I looked in to his pocket. Well he must have been starring at me because he reached in to his back pocket and took it out. He hid it behind his back and slowly stood up. I didn’t want to see Martin shoot anyone so I started to run for the car but Tim shouted at me.

“Hey what the heck are you doing?” He screamed. 

But before I could answer I heard a loud bang. A shot that rang in my ears, which made my blood freeze. I almost passed out but Danny caught me. I didn’t know what had happened because I had closed my eyes.

The End

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