Martin: What's Going On?

It was getting late and everyone went home. I went upstairs. I was going to go in to my room but the door was closed so that meant Martin was having his personal time.  I cupped my hands around the door. I heard Martin mumbling to himself. Which he doesn’t usually do. But the weird part was I heard another voice in there with him. It didn’t sound like any voice I’ve ever heard before.  It was a deep grumbling voice. It sounded calm and threatening at the same time. I didn’t burst in to the room or anything I just went back downstairs.       

                After a while of watching TV I climbed the stairs back up to my room. It was 11:00 and I kind of wanted to pass out on my bed. The door was still shut. But I didn’t hear any other voices in the room so I slowly opened it. There was Martin. Asleep on the bed. I wanted to wake him up and ask him what the heck he was doing. I decided not to. I just crawled in to my bed and went to sleep, wondering.

                The next morning I woke up. I had this weird feeling in my head. I actually wanted to go to Jimmy’s house! Martin was already awake. I guess I slept late or something. I trotted down the stairs. Wow I thought. Martin was already dressed. That’s a new one. It was getting colder now so he was wearing his grey sweatshirt. Hey Martin what are you doing? I said halfway down the stairs. Julie and My parents were still asleep.

“I’m going over to Jimmy’s house.”

 My mind suddenly filled with all the great things I could do at his house.

“Can I come?” I asked.  His hand was already on the door knob.

 “No, you can’t come today,” he said opening the door. A gust of wind blew in to the house. Martin gave me a sudden I’m sorry glance then walked out of the house. I notice a little metal tip sticking out of his pocket. The door slammed. I stood there on the stairs. A gun. I thought to myself.

The End

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