The Game of Man Hunt: Tarzan!

               We all headed up the field and divided in to teams. There was always an argument over who got Vika. She was a really good runner. I was horrible at man hunt but Jimmy always picked me anyway. Jenny and I always got put on the same team. “Hey do you think Keith will mess up again like he did last time?” Jenny laughed. It was true Keith had told us to all hide in the same spot once and the ground collapsed right underneath our feet. It was one of the traps the gang had put there to catch anyone who was on their territory. I guess Keith forgot it was there last time. Keith did not look happy at what Jenny had just said. He clenched his fists very tightly.

“Easy Keith,” Jimmy said putting his hand on his shoulder.

                The game was quick and fast. I decided to hide with Danny and Jenny. Martin hid with Jimmy.  Keith and his team which consisted of Ronny and Vika were hunting us. Keith had switched team’s cause of what Jenny had said.  I looked through the green bushes. My heart skipped a beat. I felt like if I didn’t make it to base I would never succeed in life ever again. The base, which was my steps, was a long way away from where we were standing and Keith, Vika and Ronny were all right in front of my house.  I saw Martin and Jimmy make a break for it while I sat there with Danny and Jenny. Danny watched closely as Martin swerved around Keith. Vika was so close to catching him but he slid under her legs. I’ve never seen anyone run as fast as Martin had that day. He was like a superhero. Jimmy snuck around and made it to base quicker than Martin had. He was more brains then stealth and speed.

                Before I knew it Danny had ran out from behind the bushes. I told Jenny to follow Danny as I ran around back like Jimmy had done. I climbed over the bushes and in to the forest. I wasn’t afraid to get dirty like most girls. I ran around back. I was half way there when I paused to see Jenny had been captured. She was a slow runner.  Don’t get me wrong she’s not chubby or anything she just isn’t that fast a runner. Danny had made it to base already. I ran around and I saw Vika guarding the base.

 “You lil’ piece of s***,” I thought to myself. “No base guarding allowed!”

I saw a sturdy, healthy tree a few yards away from me. I climbed the trunk. That was really hard. I used about all my energy just to get up to the top of the tree. I saw that one of the branches led to another tree. I took my chances and climbed across the branch. I figured if I fell at least I would land on my feet. Jimmy and the others all looked like ants from where I was standing. I swung my arm around to the next tree. I felt like Tarzan. But how can you feel like Tarzan when you’re so terrified of falling to your sudden death. Didn’t Tarzan ever think about that? I was on the next tree and I started to reach for a vine that was crawling up the trees left side. I clung on to the tree branch with dear life. It jiggled under my weight.

“Crap this is the end? I thought.

 I grabbed the vine and the branch I was standing on snapped in half. I looked down. It had fallen right on Ronny. Oh poor Ronny. I thought to myself. I kicked off the tree trunk and I flew right towards base. Then right as I was over base I let go. The drop wasn’t that pleasant since I was about ten feet off the ground and already terrified.

                I whipped some sweat off my face and the gang turned around and cheered. I looked at my hands which were all green from the vine. I brushed them off on my shirt.

 “Oh yeah we won you lost!” Martin cheered as he danced around in circles. 

I laughed and laughed as Keith, Vika and Ronny stood there.  My mom opened the door. “Would you all like to come in for some lunch?” My mom asked.

We all piled in to my house.

 “Are these you’re friends Avi?” asked my mom. Not looking pleased with me. She would have expected this from Martin but not from me.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?” I asked, giving her the evil eye.

 “No,” she said very quickly.

I rubbed some of the dirt off my face. My mom had made chicken wings, fries and soda. I ate like a pig that day. I don’t know what it is about me but whenever I’m around the Switches I tend to eat like I’m a gutter boy.  I turned to look at Ronny who had more dirt on his face than anyone at the table. I gulped down my last bit of chicken.  He always seemed to be staring in to space. I think he always was thinking about something. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to face me.

“Hey you ok Ronny?” I asked drinking my soda.

He stared at me with big black eyes. I thought he looked like the guy from Karate Kid. I don’t mean he just looked like the guy from Karate Kid I mean he was his exact double! It was really weird.

“Yeah,” he said turning back to the table.

The End

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