What's So Funny Guys?

 I’m always nervous when Jimmy’s gang is around. The Switch’s was the name of his gang. I for one didn’t think it was a very tough name but boy did they scare people. Every day they swaggered around school wearing leather jackets. All the girls have crushes on them.  That’s why everyone hangs around me because they want to get closer to Jimmy and his gang.  

                Jimmy never was nice to anyone especially girls. I was always a bit nervous around the gang but they never treated me like they treated the other kids at our school. Jimmy was the oldest of the gang. He had brown hair with a little part that covered his face. He had blue eyes that seemed to be reckless and calm at the same time. He could get drunk without even getting near alcohol.  Most of the time he would never drink.   That’s what I liked about him. He was a nice guy but he never showed it to anyone but me and the gang.

                Well it was sunny that day so I decided to just hang out on the grass for a while.  I saw Jenny and her friend Vika walking down the road laughing at something Jenny had in her hand. I ran down the grass to see what it was. I turned back around half way down the hill.

“Hey Martin I’m gonna’ go see what Jenny and Vika are looking at!” I yelled cupping my hands around my mouth.

“Alright, be back before dark!” He called as he shot the basketball in to Jimmy’s hoop.

                I ran down the lawn before Jenny and Vika could get to the end of the road. I skidded to a halt. “Hey guys what you got there?” I asked panting.

They both looked at me. Jenny took the picture out of her hands. It was her Brother Ronny and Vika’s brother Daniel. They were both part of Jimmy’s gang.

                Ronny had very tan skin with black hair that hung down over his face. He was short for his age (16). He always got pushed around a lot by other people at school. His parents never really cared about him like they did about Jenny. I guess it the same with Julie, me and Martin. Except our parents don’t yell and beat us all the time like they do to Ronny. The gang always showed affection towards him. Without the gang Ronny wouldn’t know what love and affection were.

                Daniel was way different. He had lived in New York City most of his life and just moved here about two years ago. He was 18 and didn’t take orders from anyone, even Jimmy. He was the kind of guy you would expect to see drunk sitting in a gutter or getting chased down by the cops at night. “He was more of a hoodlum than a gangster,” I thought to myself. Daniel could never be sweet to anyone. He even got arrested by the age of 11. It took a year for his family to bail him out. 

                I looked at the picture even more. Daniel and Ronny were smoking at a party. Daniel or (Danny as I liked to call him) had his shirt off and was waving it around in the air. Ronny was trying to look cool in the picture but with Danny right next to him I don’t think he had a chance.  When Danny was drunk whoever was next to him looked like a hoodlum or a fool.

                I stared up at them and laughed my head off.

After I was done I asked. “Where did you get this picture of them?”

Jenny let out her last giggle and said. “Keith gave it to me at recess he said to have a good laugh about it and show it to some of your friends then give it to the next person you see.”

 I stared at them and cocked one eye brow like Keith taught me to.

                I never really got Keith or Chatty as the gang called him. He always was the one that made me laugh. I always felt like I could trust him a whole bunch.  But not with like a diamond ring or anything. He had brown eyes and long blond hair that was half way to touching his shoulders. That’s what the Switches like about themselves, their tough hair dews. It was the best thing about being a Switch. Whenever you wanted to look tough you just gave your hair a big old flip, took out a cigarette from your pocket and puffed a few rings. Then everyone would run away screaming.

 “Hey Avi!” I heard Keith scream.

I turned around fast on my heel and before I knew it he had me in a bear hug.

“Oh my god Keith I’m a girl you know.”

He looked down at me and let me go.

“Jeez sorry, I just came to see if you and your friends wanted to play some man hunt with us?”

I looked up at him. I wanted to say no but his bright smile made me say yes.

The End

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