Martin: Whom I Love To Death

                Julie’s team wasn’t there yet only John David and his mom. He was kicking his soccer ball around the field. After we all got set up and sat down Julie went over and started mumbling something to John. I took out my I pod again and started listening to some music when my mom tapped my shoulder.

“Avi why don’t you at least watch your sister for some of the game you know she’s trying to impress you,” she begged.

 “No she’s not she always gloats about how good she is. I’d rather be playing with Martin right now!” I yelled pointing to the parking lot.

My mom had that look on her face that read I want to kill you right now but you’re my daughter so that would be illegal. She turned around and started talking to dad who was staring at Julie waiting for more players to show up. Martin and I have always had a special bond with each other. He’s never argued with me before and always defends me when mom and dad are yelling at me for no reason.               

                Well sadly all the players showed up and the game began. Julie, Michael and John David were as I call “The Mcquickster group.” John David was running down the field and passed it to Mark who was the pet of the team. Everyone liked Mark, since his mom and dad were always ignoring him so much the team took pity on him. Mark ran it down the field and scored. Everyone cheered except for Mark’s parents who were on their phones, slouching over like hunchbacks. I cheered and clapped my hands because even I had a little sympathy for him.

                                The car ride home was even more annoying than the car ride there. I had to listen to my dad sing “Hopelessly Devoted to you.” All the way home. When we drove in to the garage I quickly hopped out of the car. I climbed our old wooden steps to the door and went inside the house. I was happy to see that Martin was home and had made dinner. He looked at me and smiled brightly.

“Hey guys I made dinner,” he said placing forks and spoons on the table.

 There was a big stake in the middle of the table with mash potatoes surrounding it. My mom and dad sat down next to Julie. I sat with Martin as always. There was something that my mom and dad saw in Julie that they didn’t see in me and Martin. They always liked her better. I got better grades and I even did a sport but for some apparent reason Julie was always better to them. That’s why I needed Martin, so I could have someone to talk to when times were bad and when times were good.

                                        “So Martin how was your time at Jimmy’s house today?” My dad asked scooping up a mouthful of potatoes.

Jimmy is my brother’s best friend. He is a tough kid, always going around looking for fights. He usually swaggers around school wearing a black leather jacket most of the time winking at all the pretty girls. He’s tried hitting on me before but Martin punched him in the gut for that. So there goes my dream of being his girl friend.

 “Pretty good,” he smiled showing his bright white teeth.

I looked up from eating my stake and saw that his face expression didn’t show a good time. I noticed a scar running down his shoulder but I didn’t mention it.

                The dinner went along silent after that. No one said a word.  I hopped down from the table carrying my plate to the sink. Nothing left on it. Martin had always had a specialty for cooking but I don’t think my mom and dad noticed.  Martin and I went upstairs. Julie stayed down with my mom and dad to watch the daily news.  Martin and I went in to the bathroom to wash up.

“So Avi how was the soccer game?” He asked brushing his teeth.

“It was kind of boring,” I said washing my face with a wet cloth.

After I was done I looked at his shoulder, the scar was still there. I pulled down the tip of his shirt. The scar ran down right to his stomach. I stared at him wide eyed in disbelief.

“Please, please don’t tell mom!” He begged me.

 “Don’t worry,” I said handing him my wash cloth and some rubbing alcohol. 

“So how’d you get it anyway?” I asked.

 “I got in one of those gang fights,” he said with his head down.

“You know you’re not supposed to get in any trouble, mom even told you not to!” I yelled in a sort of whispered voice backing towards the door.

 He pushed his long brown hair out of his eye and did a deep sigh.

“I know Avi just don’t tell mom and I won’t ever do it again.” He said placing his hands together. 

“Fine but just be careful I don’t want to be the one to tell mom and dad that you got killed in a gang fight,” I laughed.

                After we finished brushing up we both got in to bed. Martin and I had to sleep in the same bed because there were only three bedrooms. Julie got her own room right next to mom and dad’s which I envied so much. I buried myself under the covers. It was a cold night and our bed was right next to an opened window. Martin liked to keep it opened for some reason but he wouldn’t tell me.  I turned to faceMartin who was still awake. I heard Julie and mom laughing downstairs.

“Martin, why don’t mom and dad love us as much as they love Julie?” I asked.

Martin shrugged and put his arm around me. “That doesn’t really matter because we have each other right?” he said smiling at me.

“Yeah I guess so but it would be nice to know why.” I frowned. 

The wind blew through our opened window. I looked at Martin who wasn’t under the covers.

“Jeez Martin aren’t you cold?” I said shivering.

“Nah doesn’t bother me now go to sleep.” He said turning over.

The End

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