Ellie stood in front of her mirror, pulling her long golden hair in to a neat ponytail. She smiled at her perfect self in the mirror. She was pretty. She was sexy. She was drop dead gourgues.

But not as breathtaking as Ava. Ava was the picture you would see on the cover of People. She would be the cover girl. Everybody loved Ava, everybody worshiped Ava. Ellie was just Ava’s best friend. Ellie was in the background.

But today was Ellie’s day. Today Ellie, Ava and a few of their close ‘friends’ where going to do something dangerous. Clift diving. It was almost a law in their small town that if you where anybody popular, you jumped off Dead Mans Clift. People survived it. Some didn’t. As long as Ellie could rember, nobody had.

A sharp car horn from outside made Ellie jump. She grabbed a towel from the pile on her bed, and a purse that had her swimsuit. She shouted a goodbye to her mother, and ran out of her French doors that lead into the houses garden. She ran though the garden, stopping only to pick a orange flower that want with her swimsuit.

She found Ava sitting in the cab of her brothers truck, singing loudly with Lady Gaga. Her long, raven black hair was in a single braid down her back, tied of with a hot pink flowed ponytail holder. Ava looked over at Ellie, rolling her eyes.

“Hey, El, are you going or not?” Ava said. Most people would find this to be joking, but Ellie know better. Ava meant everything she said, nothing was ever joking. Nobody but Ellie cared, but they never knew the real Ava. The Ava who threatened to hurt you if you said something not scripted. If you didn’t where the right shoes, you can guarantee the shoes would be burned next time Ava was at your house.

Ellie lost two pairs of seventy dollar shoes that way.

“Yeah.” Ellie climbed into the cab with Ava, waving for Jack to drive off. Jack stared the truck a little too quick, tossing Ellie into Ava.

“GET OFF OF ME!” Ava yelled, pushing the smaller girl off her. Ellie sat up, and held onto the side of the truck, silently cussing both of the De-Mirmire siblings.

Ellie listened quietly as Ava talked about how much being a senior would rock, and who was coming. Only the most elite of their class was coming. As was written in the Dead Mans handbook, started by Ava and Ellie’s fathers in 1979, when they started the tradition.

When they arrived at the entrance too the woods they had to hike though to get to the Clift, they where greeted by four people. Ellie was wrapped in a big hug by Liam, he best friend and on and off boyfriend. At the moment, they where best friends, closer than her and Ava.

Ava ran over to her boyfriend, Gavin Edwards. Gavin and Ava where the it couple. Everyone was waiting for them to go off to collage, Ava majoring in music or something with the arts and Gavin in pre-law. Ellie knew better. Ava wanted to be a pre-law student. She had applied to Yale and gotten in. nobody know, not even Gavin.

Ava’s brother left, giving Ava the book. Ava smiled and called the two other members of their group, Clair and Evan, who where talking silently about some pressing matter.

“Ok, guys, so here’s the plan. Gav, you go first, Liam next. I’ll go then, followed by Luke and Clair, Ellie you bring up the rear.” Everyone nodded. “Good, let’s go, it should take about ten minutes to get there.

When the group arrived at the cleft, Ellie got scared. The rushing water was flowing down the edge, going into deep space. Then, loudly hitting the logon below.

Clair, Ava and Ellie quickly changed in the woods into swimsuits that Ava had chosen. Clair in a black and white striped swimsuit that look great with her gymnast body, Ellie in a orange and poke-a-dot two piece and Ava in a green one. The tied their back into messy buns and re-papered.

“Well, whose ready?” Ava said. Gavin smiled, and headed over to the end. He stood for a minute, looking down.

Dear God, don’t get hurt.

Ellie silently prayed. She heard him yell and then it was complete silence. Then a nice thump, followed by shouts of praise.

Gavin was safe.

Liam followed almost the second he knew his friend was safe. He landed the same way, only laughing.

Now it was time for Ava.

“Well, I guess it’s me.” Ava said with a tiny giggle. She stood of the very edge of Dead Mans Clift, rocking on her heels. She jumped liked a cat.

It as complete silence. Then  Ellie heard it. Ava hadn’t hit the water. She had hit something else.

The End

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