Chapter 2 – The Approach

Autumn Faith, was now getting very close to her destination. As she approached she noticed that the night was quiet. Unexpected. She had been expecting some kind of enemy soldiers here. None could be seen, despite the fact that she was blessed with an ability to see with precision, even in darkness.

She rode closer. Even the enemy leader wasn't there. The villain that she needed to stop. That villain was an evil mage named Kaltarad.

Autumn had to prevent him from his plan of opening a magical portal, that would unleash a monster upon the Earth. This monster, under the control of Kaltarad would be a powerful weapon of evil.

It could potentially crush many heroes and lead the world into a new reign of evil under Kaltarad. Then the people of the world would suffer the dilemma of a choice. To suffer a painful death, or to worship the evil mage Kaltarad.

Had Kaltarad already opened the portal, taken the monster with him, leaving no trace behind him? Was Autumn already too late? A painful shiver went down her spine.

She contemplated the possibility of what she may have to face now, if this was true. She thought to herself, “All I can do now, is to pray”.

But to which deity could she pray to?

As for Harmony, the Goddess of Peace. Autumn had prayed, and prayed faithfully for peace, safety and harmony for her people, and for the people of all the world.

As for Variel, the God of War. Autumn had prayed for the ability to fight against the evil minions of Kaltarad, as well as actively doing so in the battles.

So now she was left with the decision of who or what to summon. She would attempt to reach the unreachable.

Autumn Faith began her prayer saying, “Hail to The Time Avatar. Blessed are you. And through you, we are blessed. Grant me the strength and courage to face the Evil Mage Kaltarad and his Monster...

The End

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