Autumn: Longest Monday EverMature

     After the terrible practice this morning, I sat in the locker room and acted as if it were any other day, I put on my oversized charcoal free people sweater over my tiny flat stomach and was careful not to let it get caught on my new dreamcatcher bully button ring. My light wash skinny rock revival jeans came on next. Then my white lace infinity scarf along with my rings, my tiara promise ring and turtle ring both from Ian. I slipped on my Uggs before deciding to leave my hair natural, not having the energy to do it. I quickly did my makeup and snuck out 10 minutes before the bell, not caring that I usually walk with Amber, she'll live. I left the athletic hallway and walked straight out the door to the courtyard was, Ian was waiting there. I threw my boho fringe Steve Madden bag down, not caring if it got dirty and ran into his arms. He told me I looked beautiful and pulled something out of his back pocket. 

   "I was saving this for next week... for our 3 year but I think I should give it to you now." He handed me a James Avery and Tiffany and Co. bag. The tiffany bag contained two rings, one was a simple band with anchors all around it, he knew I had an obsession with them, and the second was a sideways anchor ring with a sapphire and diamond in the middle. Sapphires were me and my sisters birthstone, we were born in September, and the diamond was just because he loved to spoil me. 

   "I got the one from James Avery this morning, I skipped first period after you told me about the tumor..." he trailed off. It was a necklace box, I opened it to see a cross and infinity symbol somehow intertwined beautifully. " It shows that I'll always be here and that we can pray for the best to happen." I turned around as he clasped it over my scarf and slid my new rings onto the same finger on the opposite hand from my other rings... I couldn't help but cry. 

   "I'm scared Ian" I confessed. He sat me down on a bench and pulled me into so I lay basically laying against his chest. "I know" he said softly. "I am too..." He kissed my hair, my shoulder, my forehead, my hand. We remained silent until the bell rang. "I love you" he whispered in my ear. 

"More than my own life" I answered shakily. 

The End

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