Amber: PracticeMature

   Coach Collins could hardly get the girls to focus after finding out the news about my sister. Her and I were junior co-captians. "Ladies, get it together!" I finally scram, I had to workout to vent, I couldn't just keep crying like a baby, I had to push through it and if I was trying and I was trying, there was no way in hell they weren't gonna.

   They ignored my pleas and kept whispering meanwhile Autumn pushed through the gym doors, keeping a calm expression. They all ran up to her and tried to talk and hug and comfort all at once. "STOP!" she shirked "I don't want you to pity me, I want you to work your ass off!" She wore her light blue "This beauty trains like a beast" tank top with  lavender lettering and matching bow, I wore mine that was the exact opposite. The girls just starred at us, wide eyed like we spoke a different language, "5 minute plank!" She barked but I could tell her voice cracked. Phones weren't allowed in practice but I heard her iPhone vibrate even though she had expertly nuzzled it into the top corner of her Spandex. She grabbed her Vitamin Water and turned where Coach couldn't see her and looked at the text. She didn't reply and slipped it back into her Spandex before she chugged her drink. 

For the rest of practice we ran drills and stretched quietly... 

The End

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