Autumn: Coach CollinsMature

"Autumn, we have to practice our routines for this weeks pep-rally, and then work on all our cheers for the game... does it look like I have time honey? Unless it's a life or death situation, then it can wait. Go get dressed." 

I kept my feet planted and my vision blurred again and I knew I was about to start crying again. Coach Collins half-turned and didn't meet my gaze, clearly stressed and frustrated with me.  "Do you wanna run today? Your pushing my buttons, it's Monday and I've had no caffeine and you look like you've gained about 5 pounds over the weekend, you need the run anyway...why the hell haven't you moved Autumn??" She finally turned around and looked at my tear struck-in face, she softened. "Autumn, what's going on?" 

"Well..." my voice cracked "I was in the hospital over the weekend..." Coach Collins' eyes widened. " I have ovarian cancer and soon I'm going to have to quit doing cheer, the doctors said at my age the chemo and cheer will send my body into overload..." 

I was expecting my coach to be upset with me and I really don't know why, but instead she pulled my into a hug and told me everything was going to be okay and that she would tell the team if I wasn't feeling up to it. I nodded silently and then ran to the bathroom and hid in a stall trying to calm down as I listened to her break the news to my teammates. 

The End

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