Autumn: Blood Samples, IVs, Wheelchairs, and Bright LightsMature

"Have you ever been sexual active?" the female physician asked calmly.

"Yes" I anwsered monotonely. I was sitting in an ultrasound room, anwsering the same questions for the millionth time. I wish my boyfriend ,Ian, was here now to hold my hand and tell me that everything will be fine as long as I breathe.  I had been in this hospital for probably at least 4 hours now. I came into the E.R. early this afternoon because I was having severe cramping near my ovary. When I came in they took probably half an I.V. bag of my blood, ran a catscan, had me stand this way and that way, and gave me a breast examiniation. I still haven't gotten ANY test results back which is really frustrating me but whatever. About twenty minutes ago this nurse named Nancy came and put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me to the ultrasound room.

"Do you smoke, drink, or do any drugs?" she asked.

"No... wouldn't this process be alot faster if the hostpital just made a copy of these questions??? I'm really tired of anwsering them and just wanna know what's going on!"

"I understand dear, luckily we are now finished with the questions and you may lay down on this little table and we will begin with the ultrasound."

"Yippie!" I sarcastically thought to myself.

She placed the instrument near my uterus and turned the screen toward me. At first nothing was there but then she began moving it around a bulge appeared on the screen, I couldn't help but ask "What's that?"

"That is your left ovary Autumn." Nancy replied.

"Is everything normal?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, we'll have to have the doctors look at it."

I tried not to groan in annoyance.

 After about another 10 minutes of her moving the instrument around and supposedly taking pictures, I was allowed to clean myself up and she returned me to my room. It felt like an iceberg in my room and all I had was a small not warm at all blanket, but luckily I was wearing Ian's hollister hoodie. 

 Inbetween one of the many Friends episodes on TBS, I must have fallen asleep, I woke up to see my mom, dad, and twin sister Amber all crowded around me, I could tell that all of them had been crying. "What's going on?" I asked quietly.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Amber start to cry again before she stepped into the hallway. "Honey" my mother whispered. "We have something to tell you." I continued to stare at her until I knew she was ready to tell me.

"Baby, you have a tumor on your left ovary.... the doctors say that you have ovarian cancer."


The End

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