Amber: WaitingMature

Autumn and Amber are twin sisters, they are juniors at Cambridge Academy and both are the co-captains of the schools cheer team. They are popular, have lots of friends, a loving family, and a really big problem.

    I sat there in the cold colorless corner of the waiting room of St. Josephs hostpital in Phenoix, Arizona. If my twin Autumn or her nurse named Dawn didn't walk through those doors within the next minute I just might scream. I couldn't stand sitting any longer, I stood up and started pacing my Jessica Simpson riding boots clicking with every step I took. I pulled my long wavy chestnet brown hair behind my ears and couldn't stop fidgiting with my white and turquoise blue tye-dye scarf. I felt like a was about to start hyperventalating and maybe even have an anxiety attack, I jogged to the private bathroom so nobody would see me cry. I looked in the mirror and took in my heart shaped face, my choclate brown eyes, narrow nose, full pursed lips, high cheeckbones, my olive skin. It was like looking at Autumn, if I wasn't her twin I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between us from afar. The only way I can tell us apart is by the tiny white scar on my right collarbone.

    Autumn and I had always been not your typical sisters, we hardly fought and we were more like bestfriends rather than sisters. We were inseperable, we were each others half, we are one. I wiped my eyes examined my makeup, and then pulled a bobbie-pin from my Abercrombie jean pocket to pull my bangs out of my face. I sulked back into the waiting room to find my parents huddled around a doctor I had never seen before... my mother was crying. I broke into a full out sprint.

The End

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