As the train passed beneath him, a young man lost in his thoughts was staring through his own reflection in a glass pane, when it began to quiver.

At first he thought it was the affect of tears pooling in his eyes, so he blinked, but there were no tears. the glass continued to quiver. That's wierd...

He put his hand up to the glass and felt in shake beneath his fingertips, he only had a fraction of a second to register this information before the ground under his feet was blown asunder and the earth quaked before him, the glass around him shattered, slicing his arms and face.

He dived on the ground and felt the full force of the earthquake, people around him done the same, arms over their heads, their was screaming, crying, shouts:




"It's the terrorists!"

Earthquake? No way not in England, nor a bomb, how could a bomb come from the earth?

As he began to stand, realisation hit him with such a force he was on the floor again, feeling the last undulations of an explosion ripple through his body.

The screaming around him, the tumult, the people plucking glass embedded in their skin faded to blackness, faded to quietness as he sat there. The world slowly began to crush inwards onto him, he sat unmoving, a calm in the madness, a point of assurance in total chaos.

And then he understood.

He sprang to his feet, and ran, he didn't know what force that had done it, but he was running back through a terrified ocean of people, he was screaming, like everyone else, calling out in anger. Yelling for her, calling her name.


His insides wretched, he prayed.

Please, God please don't let this be happening, please.

He was at the entrance of the tube station now, the only one running into a place where everyone was retreating, he ran in, went to jump the ticket barrier, a police officer grabbed him telling him not to go down there, warning him of the threat of another bomb, but his thoughts focussed on getting to her.

He shook the officer off and flew down the stairs where people were running up, their faces blackened with smoke, some were bleeding, some were holding unconscious bodies, tears running down their faces, others a mask of total serenity.

He  got to the foot of the stairs and turned left the way she would have got to the platform if she was going home, the crowd on the platform was thinning, he scanned for her-


He heard it then he felt it, a blast of hot air and debris rushing through the tunnel lifted his feet off the ground and threw him back, more screaming, more hysterics, people in ripped suits dropped and scattered the floor like litter. He should have expected a second bomb like the officer had said, but he was unprepared.

He sat up and saw horrific sights, people draped over the railway track, dead bodies, people who brinked death, with mighty wounds leaving a trail of blood as the walked, some missing limbs and unable to walk just sat there sprawled begging for death.

Fire fighters and police flooded the area now, picking up people and dragging them away, up to the world above, up to safety. There was billowing black smoke approaching now, He just sat there, tears streaming, but unaware through shock, deafened from the explosion. But he could hear her voice, he could hear her echoing through the station. She was saying his name. He could feel her embrace him, wrapping her warm being around him, telling him to save himself, to save others.

Somewhere within him he knew she was gone.


The End

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