Somewhere beneath him, she was approaching the decrepit platform, even in the midst of every person around her, she felt isolated. 

She waited for the train to come, like all the other commuters, holding back a flood of tears that wouldn't fix any problem. Crying didn't help anyone, and she knew it. Her hands hung limp beside her, everything about her limbs and the ways she felt was like an indivdual corpse, unable to move, recognise or respond to change, she just got colder and colder...

A gust of wind wrapped her hair round her face, whipping painfully, tendrils that slapped her back into conciousness, she was suddenly all too aware of the rumbling ground, the acrid smell of body odour and the constant drone of muttering.

The train rolled up with a speed that always terrified her, once, she recalled, he had spun her round so she was facing the way the train was going with her back to the thinning horizon, "doesn't it feel like you're flying backwards?" he whispered in her ear, she could almost feel his breath tickling her neck.

She smiled, but she ached. She wasn't flying backwards, she was falling.

The doors slid open, her feet moved without her mind knowing towards the nearest set of doors, she wasn't paying too much attention to the world around her but a hefty nudge on her shoulder made her stumble, "sorry" she muttered to a man behind her who was excited and barging through, he was bearded and stared into her eyes, interlocking her concerntration with an icy glare. After a moment she ushered the bearded man in front of her and onto the train with a polite "after you". The man slithered his way in, turned back, and nodded to her. She shuddered but she didn't know why.

Naturally, there were no seats left, so as she stepped onto the train she wedged herself into the corner and rested her head on the interior wall, closing her eyes and just drifting.

The train had just started moving and she was already in last summer, she remembered, sitting under the lebbenon tree, his arms around her, his fingers drawing little cirlces on her shoulder, "you know, I really like you" he had said like a big kid, "like, reeeaaalllyyy like you"

"And I really like you too" She had said looking up to his eyes, she had been sitting next to him with her head nestled in his neck so this position was a bit awkward. They had been watching the waters together.

He sat up and turned to face opposite her, her back to the tree, she couldn't go anywhere. His eyes were intent and his lips parted, he had lifted his hand and stroked the length of her neck with his fingers, his head inclining towards hers. As she reminisced she remembered the fear she felt, she knew if she let him that she would never be able to go back, but as soon as their lips had brushed, all the fear was abandonned and traded to a magnificent explosion. She still felt this explosion with every kiss they shared after that, she held these memories, embraced them.

The ringtone of a Nokia phone started ringing, a normal mundane thing to hear, when you're not underground. Some people recognised this as strange, and turned their heads to the sound, it was coming from the bearded man. Within 5 seconds half the carridge was staring at him.

The bearded man, who previously had his head facing the floor with his eyes closed, looked up with his icy glare, and revealed a snarl of a smile, peeling back peeled lips over yellowed teeth.


The End

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