Another Chapter

That moment, she detatched herself, went intantly cold, because she knew.

He couldnt even look her in the eye, he just stared. Stared at their entwined fingers, she ripped her hand from his.

 It felt to her like she was watching this from another body. Every set of eyes here seemed to be staring at her, making her anxious.

After a minute of silence, and heated pounding heart beats she drew up her small voice and sounded aggresive, a tone he hadn't heard before "then why bother?" she began, "you confuse me so much, one moment you're talking about getting married, the next how it wont last forever, we're only seventeen!" she had her hands on his shoulders, "you shouldn't be thinking about that, I mean, what do you want if you want me? I can't keep up with you anymore, if it wont last forever, then why do we bother?"

She begged for answers, it was plain in her face, in her eyes, but his were empty, and when they connected sights, they had an opaqueness.

"Why do I bother?" she questioned.

"Because you care."

"And you dont?"

The way he looked down too quickly said it all. She removed her hands from his shoulders and stepped back staring at him through unblinking tearful eyes. "I'm so sorry-" he stated.

"You said you'd never leave me." How could everyone walk past unknowing of what was going on here? a total calamity was unfolding within each of them, yet he didnt show it. She yearned for numbness.

He didn't say anything back, what could he say? Because, yes he had said that, but he was doing this for her own good. He loved her, God, he loves her, but he needs her to experience the world without him, he wants her to find someone who will be worthy of her. She wouldn't hear him if he said that, she'd block it out, give comebacks.

So he inhaled. "I just, I just don't want a relationship anymore" he lied. She looked up with her stern set jaw, "I, my feelings, they're just not the same as they used to be."

Her eyes overflowed, she looked to the floor. How could this be? Everytime they touched she felt a zing through her spine, everytime they kissed, she felt a firey passion she felt with the first kiss they ever shared. It was only yesterday they were sat at home, on his sofa, him telling her how much he loved her, now his feelings aren't there. They faded that fast?

She looked up to confront him, but he was staring down too. Her voice couldn't bare to utter a word without risking a break, a crack.

The End

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