chapter 2


The words she spoke echoed round his head driving him insane. He saw from his peripheral that she was looking at him again. Not looking, glaring. What was she trying to do? See into his soul?

He just followed his feet, ignoring her. Blocking her out so he could think!

Why he felt so down he didn't understand, and he was trying to map out a way to explain this to her in a way that she could comprehend, but his inability to grasp the situation mentaly wasn't helping anybody.

He fisted his hands in frustration and the sudden retraction of her arm made him turn, "Ow! What was that for?" She moaned rubbing her knuckles.

"Oh sorry hon I-" he stopped. He saw a crystaline tear running down her cheek. "oh honey, common it didn't hurt that much!" he whispered wiping away the tear with his thumb, it was times like these he never understood how he could doubt, when he saw her like this all he wanted to do was to make it better.

But he was the reason she was like this. And that tore him to pieces. He grabbed her and held her. They swayed in the wind for a moment but she was rigid. "I'm not crying because it hurt, I'm not crying at all, a leaf must have got in my eye..."

She pushed herself from him, he kept hold of her waist though, he could tell from her puffy eyes that her reason was false...

The End

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