This is the first story/chapter I've done, came out of nowhere.
The two characters are nameless, you focus more about the situation than the people that way, easier to empaphise with them. Thought it kind of mysterious. :)

She noticed that his hands were cold, not the normal heat he usually radiates along with his smile, she continued to twine her fingers through his and swung arms in the wind like children ignoring the chill that he communicated through touch.

Maybe that was why his hands are cold, its just the weather.

The wind was crazy, autum was just beginning and the leaves that had not yet fallen were being torn prematurely from their body, she watched them dart across the sky in an ungraceful manner. It didn't look natural. Trees were swaying with their half naked branches, twisting in what seemed like agony.

She turned to face the young man she held onto, like if she let go of his hand the strong winds would uproot her from the spot. But of course that wouldn't happen. She didn't look away from him, he continued to stare ahead vacantly.

They had done this walk many times before, across the park to the restauraunt keeping to the footpath that cracked like a bolt through the diagonal of the park. Usually this walk was filled with chatter and laughter. Something was wrong.

He must have felt the force of her glare and turned his head to look at her. "What?"  He asked, she didn't hear him say it, she saw his lips form the word but a gust of wind had flown like a bat out of hell and ripped the sound from his mouth and taken it to the tree tops.

She wanted to know what was wrong, why he was behaving differently, with his cold hands and unusually unchatty and uncheerful self, but she shook her head and whispered "nothing..."

The End

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