A girl sets off on a solo soul-searching mission, across the dramatic backdrop of a big and crazy city, to fix a hurt inside her so old and so deep she can't even give it a name.

 The wind wrapped around her; its fingers tangled her hair. She ignored it. She ignored everything these days. It just didn’t matter; whether she was warm or cold, pretty or ugly, alive or dead.

She floated past the crowds in the city, completely alone in her own cold, private, world of feelings too hard to feel.

She barely noticed as the taxi stopped dead in front of her. She didn’t even look up when the driver got out of his vehicle to swear at her.

She just kept walking across the road, never looking back, as more cars swerved to miss her.

The vague part of her that was still her smiled and proudly noted how unstoppable she was- just like the guy in The Verve music video- before slipping back into her subconscious.

Her body, running on autopilot, drew amused and concerned glances from her fellow passersby. Even in the city of madmen she stood out as strange, but her body didn’t care.

Her body, if not her mind, had a purpose. It was not going to be stopped by little things like cars and people and physics.

Her legs sped up of their own accord. Her arms didn’t even bother to reach out to try catch her favorite hat at it blew away across the road and under a passing bus.

Even if she didn’t care, her body did. There was only just enough time.

The End

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