A crafty individual whom devises a plan of unscrupulous nature. The basic concept is a kind of samaritan/sociopath who seeks and destroys ungarded individuals and creates a chain of blackmail that is purely lineal. Neither victim has the abiltiy to know one another therefore reducing the trail of evidence for investigators. How far can he go? How can this man be unravelled?

Finishing his third coffee for the morning Marcus stared out of the window of his usual place of solitude at Ray's on Darling Harbour. Marcus admired the handsome cars of the local stockbrokers and the amazing beauty of the untouchable ladies that facelessly passed by and wondered, how he often did, how he could have revenge on these types for the injustices that he felt were a reality. It was a regular Sydney autumn with the usual customers coming and going with their everyday conversation about the weather, the latest political statement, the misfortune of some local who had been mugged or robbed, when Marcus Livingstone had noticed something very peculiar, as if his worlds had aligned. He had noticed just outside across the pavement of Circular Quay that a business man had been working frantically on his laptop that had slipped from his knee as he took a slurp of coffee and as if timed like clockwork another man in a suit ever so elegantly caught it and strangely moved close to the business man in a casual manner, this unique stance between the two gentlemen held for about 30 seconds until the businessman retrieved a complete wad of cash from his pocket and handed it to the opportunist as he turned revealing a glimmer of sunlight from a blade he subtley retreated into his vest pocket before vanishing into the crowd like a chamelion.

This inspired the devil within him. A simple idea of placing someone in a comprimising postion to gain an upper hand or power as it it may to control the actions of the hunted for either immediate or further use for another plan, but who and how and with what means? He would need knowledge and training of the alternative variety.

For the next two hours and two more coffees later Marcus watched in a trance and waited for a hint to continue his plight of planning and as if on queue, it appeared. 

Marcus would seek and destroy a succession of wealthy victims by intiating only the first with a carefully created plan reinforced with blackmail and intention of cashflow until each become the others garbage. Amazing he thought, slaves unto their own.


The End

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