Enter Carruthers

Jack hovered over the body, looking it up and down, surpressing another shudder.

"Ray, you sneaky devil."  Jack whispered to the lifeless form that was Raymond Bellamy. "What d'you think you're doing in getting yourself killed?"  He gave a disappointed shake of his head.

Jack began rumaging in his own pockets until finally producing a pair of tweezers and a small flashlight.  He ducked down close to the claw marks on Ray's torso. "Now, what have we got here."  He murmered, switching on the flashlight.  Jack ducked down even closer to Ray, rapidly searching the open wounds.

Just then, there was a rattle at the door.

Jack bolted upright, thumping his head on the overhead floodlights and dropping his flashlight in surprise.  He let out a muffled grunt of pain and slapped his hand to the back of his head before realizing that his hand was supposed to be occupied by the flashlight.  He looked down at Ray.

"Eh...ew."  The flahslight had fallen into one of the open wounds, settling just under the surface of the bloodless skin. "Oh, that's gross."

Jack could hear grumblings of dissatisfaction outside the door along with the jingling of keys.

Jack, wishing he had remembered to bring gloves, left the flashlight and dove for the body-cooler compartments, trying to find an empty one.  On his second try, he found one.  He wrenched out the sliding table and threw himself on top, flattening his stomach to it.  As if on a surfboard, he used his arms to propel himself inside, closing the door behind him with his foot.

Just then, Carruthers entered, still grumbling about that damn kid always locking the door whenever he left, as if the whole world were in the business of stealing bodies.  He harrumphed, and set down his coffee, gathering the proper forms for is report.

Carruthers cursed that kid again when he saw the sheet pulled back from the body.  Goddamn kid can't even finish whatever the hell he's doing.

He started examining the body, sipping his coffee intermittently.  A moment later, Carruthers was spraying coffee over the whole morgue, dirtying the pristine white sheets.

The End

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