Jack returns...

There was a knock, a beep of a card being swiped and a rattle of the doorknob.  Another body was wheeled in, covered in a white sheet as usual.

“What do we have here?” he asked the attendant, annoyed at being interrupted at his work.

“Uh.. Gary Wright. Age 31. Report says he died of cardiac arrest. Carruthers will be looking at this one.”

“All right. Leave it here” he gestured as the attendant did so and promptly made his way out.

Geez. The morgue was getting crowded. Talk about a housing crisis for the dead.

He put on his headphones and got back to his Black Metal Polka and the body that belonged to Raymond Bellamy. For a brief second, he thought he heard a noise, a ruffling of a sheet of some sort. He turned around. All around him were dead people. Shaking his head with a smile, he continued his work. Working with the dead didn’t scare him at all.

It was getting late. He was hungry, tired and sleepy. He had to finish up his post-mortem report on this hulk and leave. Carruthers would be here soon. He thought of the smug look on his face. God, how he hated him!  What could that guy do that he couldn't?

It was a 35mm gunshot wound on his left shoulder, but... gosh, how did he get those claw marks, or whatever they were? He inserted a swab in the punctured areas. "What kind of an animal would leave such deep claw marks?" he wondered. He would send the swabs to the lab to have them tested. The police would be looking for answers to this one.

It was time to leave. He finished writing his notes, packed up his recorder and carefully sealed the swabs and the bullet into his kit, switched off the lights and locked the door behind him as he left.

As the door clanked firmly shut, the body that was Gary Wright got up, shaking off the white sheet around him. Jack was back in the morgue, successful in his entry this time. It had taken all his courage and extreme self control to lie still with all the other dead bodies in the cold freezing room. He had waited for fifteen long minutes for the lab kid to finish up and leave, and now he was all alone.

Shivering with cold and fear and his heart beating rapidly in excitement, he reached the body of Raymond Bellamy. "Finally!" he said as he opened the sheet.

The End

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