The Lab Kid's Story

> The kid leaned up against the frosty wall.  "I'm busy, so would you mind...?"  He motioned to the door.

It was bad enough that someone had left the door unlocked.  If the idiot had actually tampered with anything, Josh would've had to file a report for the unauthorized access.  And that would have gotten him a performance review by the chief coroner. 

As it was, having a Mensa-level IQ and a godlike ability with forensics  was the only thing that kept him where he was.  Carruthers certainly didnt like him.  Hell, he'd probably even let the idiot in.  With co-workers like these...

Josh glanced over the body, then pulled the sheet back.  "Raymond Bellamy."  Josh noted the name on the toe-tag. Bellamy was an ugly sucker.  Maybe six-feet tall and built like a linebacker.  His left shoulder was a crater of mincemeat, and there were four long, bloody gouges from his right pectoral muscle across his abdomen leading to his groin. 

Carruthers would do the the internals, but as an intern, Josh had proven he could do the external preliminaries.  And it gave Carruthers time to prop up his flagging courage with a bottle of whatever the poison-of-the-week was...

Sighing, Josh wheeled Bellamy into position, flicked on the overhead floods then shuffled "Nattfödd" onto his IPOD and popped on his headphones.  Josh didn't understand Swedish, but the Black Metal Polka infused him with a certain frenetic energy.

"Subject Id'd as Raymond Bellamy, Caucasian male approximately six feet tall, 262 pounds.  Body delivered to St Pauls Hospital, naked and suffering from a gunshot wound to his left shoulder and possible claw-marks across his upper right torso and abdomen....  He was offocially pronounced dead at  03:41, this date." Josh began reciting into his digital recorder s he began the inspection of the body, careful to record every detail. 

With the headphones on and Finntroll growling so stridently, Josh was oblivious to the rest of his surroundings.  Nothing existed for him except the music and the body of Raymond Bellamy.

The End

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