Authorized Employees Only

"Gee, let me guess.  You're not authorized to be in here, are you?"

Jack's head shot up in surprise.  He froze, his fore-finger and thumb still pinching the edge of the white sheet he was about to pull back.  From his position in the refrigerator, he saw a lanky lab kid standing in the frame of the door.  The kid casually pushed his glasses up further on his freckled nose as he chomped languidly on his gum.

Jack couldn't understand how this guy could be so calm in a place like this.  He nearly blushed as he thought about just moments before when he had been hopping from foot to foot with the willies, his face scrunched up in a grimace, working himself up for what he was about to do.

"Umm...I can explain!"  Jack really couldn't explain; the situation was just too bizarre but he couldn't think of what else to say.

"Yeah, whatever, man."  The lab kid entered the large refrigerated square that was the morgue. He slapped his clipboard down on a shiny metal gurney in a self-important sort of way.  Jack couldn't help but shudder thinking about the number of dead people that had been on it. 

The kid leaned up against the frosty wall.  "I'm busy, so would you mind...?"  He motioned to the door.

In shock, and relief, Jack nodded vigorously and scuttled towards the door of the morgue.  He threw a last glance back at the white sheet behind him and at what (or rather, who) lay beneath it. 

Disappointed for failing his mission and terribly perturbed that he would have to attempt it again, he thought to himself, This isn't over.

The End

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