A man learns the hard way that hes not cut out for the great outdoors.

Walking next to this nearly still stream always gives me a secure, peaceful feeling. I walk comely while admiring all of the old architecture, and I enjoying the fresh air. The cold bench nearly froze my bottom, but the sun warmed my face. I sit here crunching dead leafs with my feet as I listen to the birds chirp. I look up and can see them dancing on the naked tree branches. The smell of a nearby Barbie overwhelms my taste buds; I can almost taste the ribs. I begin to skip rocks which I had never done before, I threw a rock and it sliced my finger open. Then somebody came up behind me and whispered in my ear so a jumped, and fell into the water. Great, now I’m soaking wet in the middle of fall. Out of nowhere, a gust of wind makes me shiver so I look up, and the suns raise blind me. I realize that I’m not cut out for the outdoors, so I walk back home.

The End

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