August 9thMature

The stairs stood in front of me, an endless abyss of darkness. Sweat dripping off my back and

 forehead. A chill ran down my spine, I knew it was watching me. Scared, my eyes widened as I heard

 it's voice in my head. I backed up the stairs slowly without turning around. As soon as I could no longer

 see the stairs I turned and ran into my room, slammed my door, sank onto my bed and cried. That was

 the first time I had cried in 4 years.


               All day I had been looking up videos on YouTube, I was bored and my father and brother were

 in California. I hadn't had dinner yet and my laundry still needed to be done. It was around 7 o'clock

 and the sun was going down, I loved the dark but it sometimes taunted me. I looked out the window to

 see one of the most beautiful sunsets I had seen in a long time. Shades of purple, blue, pink, and gray,

 for it had just rained. The sit comforted me as I sat on my bed near the window, fearing the coming

 darkness, hoping, praying, that it would pass quickly. I decided after a minute or so that I should grab

 some food, so I left my computer screen to walk to the kitchen and make myself some supper.


              I looked through the food in the fridge and found nothing that looked good so I rummaged

 through our pantry and found a can of fruit, so I put it in a bowl and climbed the stair. I plopped on my

 bed and went back to chatting with my friends on facebook and chatzy. Me and my friends had been

 talking all day and we were having a good time role playing, it was new to me so I was still getting

 used to the terms and such.

 “Ok, I'm going over to Aunt Jennie's house for a little bit.” my mum yelled at me through the house.

 “Okay mum,” I said not really thinking, “How long will you be gone?”

 “A couple hours at most.” she replied. “Do you want to tag along and say Hi to Taylor and Megs?”


 “No, I'm good, I just want to stay home cause I'm tired.” I replied. That was my excuse for

 everything. I was never tired, I never sleep, and I hardly eat.

 “Okay I am going then.” she said as she opened the garage door and got her stuff. “I'll be back

 later hunny, I love you, be safe and don't open the door unless it is mamaw.” she yelled as she walked

 out the door.

 “Ok mum.” I said as I rolled my eyes, and went back to playing on my computer and I turned up my music to full volume.


             It was almost 9 and it was pitch black outside, all the street lights seemed to give off a ghostly

 gray glow in the midst of the piercing darkness. It was beautiful, I was never afraid of the dark, No, the

 darkness was my friend, my only companion in life so far, until tonight. I remembered I still had

 laundry to wash, but I didn't want to move from my bed. Something was wrong and I didn't know what, yet.

I started shaking and my hands were so sweaty that when I went to type “brb” I had to type it

 twice, so my friends would wait for me with our role playing.

                   I got up and took a step into the hall. Then I decided to turn up my music until it was able to be

 heard through out the whole house. “There that’s better.” I said much to myself. I ran and turned on all

 the lights then, I grabbed my laundry and drug it to the stair. I nervously ran my hand through my hair

 and stop abruptly at the edge of the stair. I stared into the abyss of darkness that started at the 4th step.

            “Come on Rachel, you aren't a scaredy cat, it's nothing.” I grumbled to myself. “You will be fine, it

 can't hurt you unless you let it, it can't control you.” I nodded to myself, then realized what I was doing.

 “Ugh, I am going crazy now, I'm giving myself advice and talking to myself.” I thought to myself. I

 glowered to myself and picked up my laundry and Started humming Amazing Grace to myself cause

 now I was freaking out. I took a few steps down the stairs. I was now Shaking so hard I almost dropped

 my laundry. Sweat started dripping off my forehead, the hairs on my spine and arms were on end, I

 knew that it was watching me, every move I made was being probed.

 “Courage Rachel, you will be fine, you are the master not the servant.” I thought to myself.


              As soon as I was three steps down I couldn't handle it anymore. My eyes widened It was

 sending me thoughts. “Go away INTRUDER, you are the one.” I thought I was going to die as it said it.

 I started backing up the stair, I dropped my laundry and ran to my room, slammed my door, slid down

 the door, and sobbed for 10 mins. Still shaking I posted on my wall, “I'm crying ooc, I am so scared.” a

 couple minutes later Marie posted on my post. “RACHEL go chat with me now either that or I'll call

you. NO I’ll do both.”


 Marie called me and I told her what happened. She knew that I don't cry and when I do it's not

 good, she knew I was frightened. My voice was all shaky when I finished talking. She said that she

 would come over and bring holy water to sprinkle in my house.


              About 30 mins. Later my mum got home to find me huddled, shaking in her room and she asked

me whats wrong. I wanted to scream, “It's them their back!” but all I said was, “nothing” I didn't sleep

 at all that night, and for many nights after my light would be on and I wouldn't get a wink of sleep. You

 could tell because I was more pale and dark circles rested under my eyes. I looked half dead, which

was just the way I felt.



                  What this brought to my attention was, all the ghost storys you hear as a child aren't a myth or

 something to be taken with a grain of sand. It's real and this fact frightened me to the point of not   

sleeping, not eating much, and almost cutting myself. And for the past two months, they have screamed

 in my head, asked for my help, and played with our electric tooth brushes. All the courage that I had

 gained over the years is mostly gone and now I live in fear that it will try to hurt me like it tried to

 before. But I have been gaining all the courage I lost back by fighting it.

               My mum still doesn't believe me, sometimes I feel totally alone to try and get rid of it and keep

 me and my family safe so it can't hurt us, because it hurt me by choking me when I tried to ban it

 before. I don't want my brother hurt. These days I wear mostly black and am in my room a lot on my

 computer trying to find a way to ban it. So far I haven't found anything that has worked, but I will even

 if it takes me 3 years.


The End

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