Augura (rewrite)Mature

This is my attempt to re-write the story I've been working on a while back. Hope it's good!

Warloc couldn't sleep.

In fact he hadn't slept in three days. He'd been lying on his bed, still as a statue, willing himself to drop off. But even during the moments when it was quiet, it wasn't possible. There was no way he could close his eyes and let everything drift away, not with such a disruptive sleeping environment.

'I said, do you want to play a game?' the thing sitting on his bed was saying.

Warloc glared at it. He hated this creature, every inch of it. He hated its grating voice, its mottled green skin, its curly yellow toenails. It probably wasn't from round here, if it was even real at all.

'Play a game, play a game,' the creature chided.

'Clag off.'

'I'm bored. Play a game or I'll scream again.'

Oh, Lorya. Not the screaming. Warloc slowly sat up, rubbing the bridge of his nose. 'Please leave me alone. Just once.'

The thing ignored him. 'I want to see how far you can jump. Hear me, Warloc? Out the window. Out the window, out the window, out the window, SPLAT!' It giggled copiously.

Warloc had met this one before. It was different every night, but there were regular visitors. This was one of them - a wrinkled little monster that called itself Kettler. The creature hopped closer towards him with a grin that reached its ears. 'Take a potion, drink it down, don't be found tomorrow!' it sang.

'Clag OFF!' Warloc said again.

It was no use. His ire just seemed to make the creature even more pleased. Its saggy skin, draped over withered muscles, moved around horribly as the creature danced. The long nails pricked at Warloc's legs. 

Once again, Warloc lay back heavily and willed himself not to pay any attention to it. He could fall asleep. He WOULD fall asleep...


Siobhan willed herself not to pay any attention to it. 

The rooms in this house had thin walls that barely blocked out the sound from the other rooms. Right now she could hear her grandmother downstairs, pouring another glass of coke. Siobhan always said it would rot her teeth, but Gran didn't seem to care.

'Not my teeth, anyway,' she'd said earlier that evening.

'Mmmm. Gran, when will Dad be home?'

'Erm...' she checked the clock on the wall. 'He said about ten.'


'Ish,' Gran added.


'Tennish. You know, about - '


'Ten o'clock.'


'I'll check on you mum before I go off to bed, don't worry. Are you going up?'

'Yeah. G'night.'

'Night, poppet.'

Going up to bed, Siobhan decided, had been a mistake. As well as the sound of coke pouring, she could also hear the wails and whimpers coming from her parents' room. Her mother was still in pain, and there was no way she could help her.

Siobhan wanted more than anything for her eyes to close and everything else to drift away. How would she be able to sleep with the noises in the next room?

She lay back, still as a statue.


The End

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