Au Revoir !

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Yes! It was me ! I wanted to be free.

To be free like a bird and loiter around

How could I know that I will feel so helpless?

When I will be on the verge to go away from you all


I have been silly and rude at times

You must have thought of me as inconsiderate at times

I aver! I never intended to be so

I wasn’t so grown to appreciate the wrong and right


I won’t be seen wandering about anymore

You won’t be around to taunt me

You won’t look at my flying hair anymore

I will miss your grin and puckered brow


Each time I wrong, you won’t be there to scold

Each time I will be low, you won’t be there to hold

My tender hands will be clasped as one

And my eyes shall wander… Searching

A teacher and a friend like you

I can’t ever get albeit all my time I squander


Good Bye isn’t an easy word to utter

It is a weightless word with loads of feelings

Feelings which are hard to express

Only people like you understand their meaning


I don’t wish to say it. But, oh!

I have to say it and need to go

Au Revoir! I say to thee

Hopeful that you won’t ever forget me

The End

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