Attraction in my opinion

Attraction in my opinion

Investigating a person to find out if they would be a good match is not wrong. We live in a world where there are tons of perverts and weirdoes just waiting to seep their way into a person’s existence and drain them of every ounce of life that they may have.  Searching deeper into ones personality is a great way to feel secure about a future relationship decision.

Relationships are built on love, attraction and common interests. Most times, couples need all three of those elements in order to form a sacred bond between them. In the article, waiting for attraction to strike by Kaja Perina, she quotes, “He’s cute, but could he handle my seven rescued Chihuahuas?”  This quote is prime example of how important it is for a person to be investigated for compatibility purposes.

It’s hard for a person to meet someone who won’t mind, not one, but seven rescued Chihuahuas. A person of the opposite sex may be “cute”, but cute breaks down when it comes to compromise and priorities in an actual relationship.

Yes, “dissecting every nuance of a date’s behavior” may be a bit overboard to some, but when it comes to making sure that a relationship is solid, going that extra mile counts.

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