Attempt at Romance

Just a first attempt.

She grabbed him and pulled him down with her. Wildflowers lay around them on a clear warm summer afternoon.

            "Forever and always," she said as she kissed his lips, nibbling gently. He sighed with pleasure as he bit her lip back. She giggled and put her head on his chest, and looked up into the sky. Peace flowed within her veins, and for once she was calm, she was happy. He put his hand on her stomach and held her, knowing she was happy, she was ok, finally.

            With him, she was safe. He protected her, showed her the light, has shown her the person she longed to be. He's the one who pushed her hair out of her face and showed her the whole world, him by her side. He's the guy that never would accept her apologizes, for she had done nothing wrong, when she felt she had. He's the guy, when she's down, will come to pick her up, sweep her off her feet, and carry her to safety.

        She gets up and kneels next to him, looking at him. Noticing her absence in her grip, he opens his eyes and looks up at her, not saying a word. He then smiles.

        "What?" the girl asked. She couldn't help asking, she wanted to know what was in his head so bad.

          He looked up at her, sat up, and pushed her hair out of her face," Nothing." He kissed her gently, "Babe, your so damn beautiful."

          She looked down, tears filled her eyes, and a nice red color filled her face. She laughed and he looked at her confused. "Babe, you are to me, you'll always be. Come here." He gently put his hands on her waist and pulled her close to him. She then put her head on his chest, and listened to the calmness of his heart.

         Badump, Badump, Badump.

The End

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