How can it be love?!

"Where...where am I?" said the left handed poodle, as he lay on the ground, moaning in agonizing pain.
Poorly for the left handed poodle, the grenade launcher had made him completely dizzy, staring up up the blue sky that revolved around him again and again. Except it wasn't was grey as dogs are colourblind...
"Darn!" shouted Ben, as he threw his weapon to the floor, "I nearly had him as well! That would've been my second!"
"...that's...that's serial murdering..." said Lauren, who began to look cross, extremely cross. She raised her hand up to Ben and gave him a soft slap on the face, which only had enough strength to make him flinch a little.
"Chhhhhh," he sounded with his teeth,"Is that all she's got?" he muttered. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his cheek,so hard, it made the lead poodle bark.
"Ow!OW! Lauren, what did you do that for?" he cried, as his face began to turn bright red, bright red out of agony, as well as embarassment.
"...We're...we're doomed!" she said, as tears began to form in her eyes. Derek began to feel more calmer and walked over to her, giving her a soft tap on her back, which only made her tears flow out more.
"It's's ok." He said, holding her head into his warm chest which dried her wet cheeks. He pulled in closer to her, so close she could almost feel his strong radiance against her skin, which made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.
At that moment, Ben felt a pain.A pain which stabbed his heart and made his whole body tense. It made him screw up his face and clench his fists. He had no words to say left, he was confused and angry.
"Why are you crying for?!" he shouted at the two, who slowly seperated, as they realised that they were not only watched by the slightly contradicitve poodles, but also Ben. Lauren wiped her tears from her eyes that began to form again as she saw Ben stomp out from the gate, slamming it harder then the slap she had given him as he went out.
"What have I done? Our formula doesn't work, and why is he so angry? Is it because he hates me?" She cried again as Derek began to feel sorry for her, once again pulling her in to hug her.
"What was all that about?" said the left hand poodle still on the floor, who had seen everything, but did not understand a single word.
"It's love." said the lead poodle, showing off his skill he called 'transforming the beauty of the human nature into dog'.
"What?! Love? With whom? The guy hugging that lady down there?" the left hand poodle assumed, thinking he had been right for the first time.
"No,No, the guy who wanted to 'blow you up'with that grenade launcher and the lady crying." said the lead poodle, as he knew his assumptions had been right, besides, he knew better than any other poodle next to him about love. He had experienced it before.
"What?!, how?! it can't be, he just looked like he was going to explode when he went out the gate!" exclaimed the young left hand poodle, who was still too young to know anything.
"That's what it looks like," said the lead poodle sighing. They still never agreed on anything, besides they were more contradicting than before...right?

The End

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