The Hosepipe That Shoots Out Tomato soup

The poodles had been condacitively made more contradictive using medicine that should make them less contradictive.

  Well that worked, didn't it?

So now the poodles were not slightly contradictive, no, they were almost completely contradictive, so much contradictive, that they, at a first glance, almost looked like poodles.

Upon other three the poodles being injected with the very contradictive and very questionable, non contradictive  making poodle medicine, the first poodle had sprung into contradictive action getting a hosepipe, since there was no water supply around, the poodle decided to attach it to the tomato soup supply that normally feeds the tomato plants (isn't that cannibalism?) and started to spray tomato soup at the humans,  who were busy doing high fives, but because of the perspective issues the room was having, possibly because this was not really happening, in a contradictive manner, but also was happening, in a very contradictive manner (and now I am becoming contradictive because I have been writing this for too long,)  but the tamato soup squrited in slow motion.

This was annoying for the poodle as lauren had time to make her arm longer and grab a nearby but also far away tranquiliser gun.

You may think that this is abosolutely crazy and it was but whatever, you are the reader you follow the story it is starting to come to a anticlimax where lauren shoots the poodle (otherwise called the left hand or left paw poodle) but the anticlimax sadly did not happen, no, ben shot it instead with a grenade launcher that magically appeared and blew the poodle to bits but unfortunatly for the humans, the dog survived.

Very contradictively...

The End

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