Quick! There's only four poodles left!

"What? Where've they gone?!" Lauren tried to scan the enclosure, but was having difficulty since all the perspective had drained out since the last 'experiment' which, funnily enough, had involved enough Perspex for Ben to attempt a sort of pun which went down rather badly.

"God knows, we better administer the chems now before any more go missing." Said Ben as he cautiously approached the rather worried group of poodles with a syringe. He had worked out that if you gave it time, the proportions could sort themselves out, preventing a repetition of the earlier embarrasment. This did, however, give the poodles time to back away into the rapidly unfurling space toward the back of the room.

"Oh dear." murmured Lauren.

"Uh?" replied Ben, trying to keep an eye on the poodles in case they decided to shrink or expand more than was necessary.

Lauren was staring at Derek, who had inflated from a pocket of space which had forgotten to exist for a bit,  and was trying to untangle himself from several poodles.

"Quick Derek! While they're still in reach!" Cried Ben, tossing a hypodermic in his direction. Derek's hand shot out, caught the needle and delivered 5cc of fluids to all the poodles near him before anyone could say "Quetzlcoalt", which admittedly, could have taken quite a while, as it doesn't often come up in conversation.

The other poodles were rounded up swiftly, as fast as could be done in a room which was having perspective issues.

There were a number of high-fives among the humans.

"Fools!" shrieked a poodle as it reared up, brandishing a hosepipe which it cracked in the air.

"Do you know what you have done?! You've created a horde of completely NON-CONTRADICTIVE poodles!"

("I'm still contradictive! Oh, no I'm not. Hang on..." "Quiet Steve!")

"Lucky I had planned for such an eventuality!" Proclaimed Lauren, stepping forth to square up to this plucky hosepipe-wielding poodle, and took a mobile phone from her jacket pocket.

The End

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