As the Poodles, the lead and the right hand poodle, not to mention the unmentioned left hand poodle (or would left paw and right paw poodle be a better word?) The rest of the poodles had already made their escape as those few had been arguing. By the time the lead poodle was bothered what his "minions" thought, he had looked up only to see that one of the poodles were waving at him, through the window. And better yet the lead poodle had no idea how his "minions" did it.

"Now look what you've done! Shouted the lead poodle at the right hand poodle. The right paw poodle looked at him, almost laughing.

"It was you!" She replied, in the same shouty tone that her "superior" had just used.

"Look" cut in the Left Paw Poodle, "You's two stop arguing, now how many men have we got left ?" 

"Just us three and shouty steve," Said the RP poodle.

Shouty Steve was named in the conradictive manner that the poodle possie used a lot,  he was actually very cool and he was a hippie poodle. 

"Not Shouty Steve." Groaned the Leader Poodle.

"Hey man..." Shouty Steve said cutting into their conversation, in a slow hippy voice.

"Hello Steve" Replied his superiors in a moaning sort of voice.

And as this was happening Lauren and Ben were panicking as there was only four poodles left.


The End

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